Thursday, June 15, 2017

Enterprise Parks Itself in Chamblee UTBAPH

Renovations are underway in Chamblee to turn a former Pizza Hut into a new Enterprise Rent-A-Car location.  The Pizza Hut, located at 5577 Peachtree Boulevard, closed this past November, and plans to reopen soon in an "in-line" location a few blocks south.  

The vacant building left behind after the closure of a freestanding Pizza Hut is known as an UTBAPH (Used To Be A Pizza Hut), with an entire website dedicated to chronicling UTBAPHs around the world.  

Enterprise, which already has an office at 5720 Peachtree Boulevard, is opening this as a second area office, according to a company representative.  Enterprise previously operated a second Chamblee office on nearby American Industrial Way, but it closed last year.  

As Pizza Hut and its franchisees continue to trim the number of freestanding "hut" locations they operate, there will be more opportunities to give UTBAPHs new life.  

Enterprise already operates from another converted Pizza Hut in Roswell on Alpharetta Highway.  The Chamblee hut is at least one generation newer than the Roswell hut, but strangely seems to be under going  more extensive structural changes.

An Enterprise spokesperson indicated that the new office should be up and running by August 1.  

Are you bummed that the Chamblee UTBAPH is not getting a more "exciting" replacement?  What has your local UTBAPH become?  If you had to choose, Pizza Hut, Domino's or Papa John's? 

Please share your thoughts below.  


BK said...

Up in the Piedmont Sandy Plains area of Marietta our vacant UTBAPH just opened up as Willie Jewells BBQ. I haven't been yet, but they look to have remodeled a fair amount.

ImAndy said...

Its time to make rental companies conditional uses in zoning that requires approval. I cannot think of a single enterprise location that does not look blighted.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why a second location so close to the first is needed - or profitable? Not complaining about the remodel of the old Pizza Hut, however. Anything to spruce up that section of PIB is great.

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