Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Bust in Brookwood Hills, HAUS Sets up Shop in Brookhaven

A new establishment called HAUS is coming soon to Brookhaven.  Renovations are currently underway at 3009 Buford Highway to convert the existing, roughly 3,000 square foot building, into HAUS Restaurant & Bar. HAUS is being opened by entrepreneur Tamara Young with New Jersey native Chef V. Harper listed as the restaurant's Executive Chef.  

The name HAUS Restaurant & Bar should sound familiar to readers of ToNeTo Atlanta.  Last year, Young briefly opened a restaurant by the same name in the former Lusca restaurant space on Peachtree Road in Brookwood Hills.  It's unclear just how briefly HAUS was open, but sources suggest it lasted only a matter of weeks before being shut down, reportedly because it was operating as more of a "lounge/club" than a restaurant.  

HAUS Brookhaven, referred to as HAUS ATL in their marketing materials, is located on Buford Highway adjacent to where LIPS Atlanta, a drag dining establishment, opened in 2013.  Popular gentlemen's club Pink Pony, physically located on Corporate Boulevard, is basically right behind HAUS.  

Property records indicate that the building HAUS is opening was built in 1977.  I'm not sure what first occupied the building but most recently it had operated as Marisqueria 7 Mares, a Mexican restaurant, and later, Title Credit Finance, a car title business.    

According to her facebook, Young was previously "Boss Lady/Owner" at Room Service Lounge on Piedmont Circle. Room Service has since closed and reopened as "Atlantis Restaurant & Lounge." According to Young's Instagram account (iamtyoung), she is also involved with HairCandyShop, a Miami-based hair extensions business, Studio23, a club in Miami, LBowe Collection, a children's apparel business, and is also a travel agent.  Young's Instagram indicates she may also be an aspiring model.  

The official HAUS Instagram page has been both sharing photos of dishes that are likely to be on the restaurant's menu, as well as soliciting to hire staff.    

"Send Resume, Photo and IG Name (No Private Pages). Must have at least two years Restaurant Experience to be considered for Positions."   

Essentially, your appearance and preferred social media profile needs to be "on fleek." (If you need to look up "on fleek" chances are you are not who they are looking for.)

Menu offerings are expected to include "Spring Mountain Fried Chicken, Braised Collard Greens, Sweet Potato Purée Topped Off With Vanilla Agave, Shrimp And Grits as well as Stuffed Lobster And Mac & Cheese" 

According to the HAUS Instagram page, the restaurant was supposed to have opened in June, but sources say the restaurant is now planning to open sometime before Labor Day.  

Are you excited for the upcoming opening of "HAUS?" Do you think HAUS will be good for Brookhaven?  Did you ever visit HAUS in its brief Brookwood Hills incarnation?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Hiring based on IG profile? Wonder if this HAUS will last as long as the previous incarnation!!

Anonymous said...

3009 Buford Highway was for many years an Applebee's.

dpb said...

Would someone be so kind as to educate me in the differences in a restaurant versus a "lounge/club"?

Katherine S said...

Still mad that Lusca closed. And I don't recall ever seeing Haus open and operating in that space.

Anonymous said...

Gross. Everything about this is just...amateur and silly.

Anonymous said...

watch out honky, you ain't fleek nuff to be talkin bout my sheeeat!

396 said...

I think these people are trying to win an award for the longest "Coming Soon" in history. I also don't remember it ever actually opening and doing business in Brookwood but maybe it came and went so fast that I missed it.

Looking at the new location on Google Maps, it appears to have about 50 parking spaces so if they ever get this place up and running, they certainly won't be able to use the standard Atlanta explanation of "not enough parking" if they can't keep it open.

Anonymous said...

The building originally housed a Danver's Restaurant, served burgers and salads.

Coolio said...

I fully expect a Grand Opening and Grand Closing in close proximity to each other. One would think that if you already own other businesses, you wouldn't need to hire via social media. If you had resources, you would use traditional methods of hiring, or even that new hirewire that specifically targets food and beverage associates.

Instead of the focus being on "cool," it should be on the core of the business. Her target demographic does not want and cannot afford stuffed lobster with mac & cheese. One insinuates fine dining, and the other does not.

By the way, the title for the longest "Coming Soon" is currently held by MARTA when opening almost NAY of it's rail stations. I was literally a little boy when I first saw one of those signs, and a teenager almost graduating from high school when it actually was finished. Beat that!

Anonymous said...

It is sad how white America has held on to it's racist tones in the south. Like most newspapers or news articles this one has its truth and it's lies. Haus never opened in Brookwood Hills the opening was blocked by scared old white men to preserve the white integrity of the Brookwood Hills area. White businesses such as the Sherwood wine store did not want to be open next to a black owned business and use the white power to persuade the property owner to revoke lease that he issued. And hiring on social media is a new modern newspaper ad and no one says anything when Coca-Cola advertises on social media no one says anything when White owned companies use social media to target ethnic groups or to hire people from various areas of the country. The writer of this article has a hard one for Ms. Tamara Young maybe it's because she is beautiful and way out of his league maybe he ain't on Fleek. White People in the state of Georgia have lived off of the blood sweat and tears of African-Americans for years. And now at the turn of every corner there is white person trying to tear down or stop the forward progress of some young black entrepreneur it said we built a country for you and you still have no respect. Most of you old world family Georgian white people have black DNA running through your veins as your forefathers had black Lactating women feed you from this swollen breast you want to be like us so bad. You love to eat our food you love to dance to our music and since the time of slavery you love to Lay with our women you even lay in the sun and risk skin cancer just have a little bit of our color. We don't complain to you when the drunk white boys of Buckhead stumble into the streets fall on their faces or the drunk white women go home with random guys. Leave these people alone and let them have their business in peace if you don't like their atmosphere don't go but they have every right to open their doors without prejudice just like any white business in America. And white America wonders why Kaepernick Kneeled during the Pledge of Allegiance it is because white America is foul and you had better stop poking sleeping bears because one day one is going to wake up and bite your ass .

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