Wednesday, July 5, 2017

HUFF Furniture "Restructuring" to Compete in Modern Retail Market

Buckhead's HUFF Furniture is currently having what it is calling an everything must go "Restructuring Sale."  The sale, which started this past Friday, offers discounts of up to 70% off all merchandise. 
Opened by Jim Huff in 1956, the contemporary furniture and design store is located in the 3100 block of Peachtree Road, just south of Piedmont Road. Today Huff Furniture is run by Jimmy Huff and his wife Julie.

Huff's custom furniture has been especially popular with the hip hop community with 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Missy Elliott, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Bird Man, and Nikki Minaj among those who have reportedly patronized the store.  

While Huff no doubt has a client base, it's undoubtedly been impacted by the changes in the retail world. 

The retailer posted the following message to its website announcing the sale.

"After diligent research and analysis we have decided to RESTRUCTURE our BUSINESS! We are thrilled to   announce that we will be remodeling our showroom, adding a new Lifestyle Division, and developing new  strategies to compete in today’s market. To accomplish our goal, we must  drastically reduce  our entire current inventory with never before seen savings!  EVERY PIECE OF FINE FURNITURE will be MARKED DOWN to clear our showroom floor! We are very excited and pleased to be moving forward in this manner, as we will be EVEN  BETTER THAN BEFORE."

While the store claims they are not closing, a complete inventory liquidation seems like a pretty drastic move to make.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the HUFF Furniture property at 3178 Peachtree Road was listed on The Shopping Center Group's website as being available for sale/lease.  The listing does not indicate a price, but describes the property as 6,000 square feet with "50 linear feet of frontage on Peachtree Road."  The property sits on roughly a quarter of an acre. 

"Franklin-Huff, LLC" owns the property and store owner Jimmy Huff reiterated to me today that "we [Huff Furniture] own the building and are not going anywhere." 

Huff told me the current sale is slated to last until July 23rd, but stressed the importance of coming in as soon as possible are quantities are limited and that "once it's gone, it's gone." 

Plans call for the "new and improved" Huff Furniture to debut sometime next month.  

Huff offers bedroom, living room, dining room, and outdoor furniture as well as art, accessories, and lighting.

Have you been or do plan to become a customer of Huff Furniture?  What services or offerings could Huff add to become more competitive in today's world?   Where do you buy most of your furniture? 

Please share your thoughts below. 


Coolio said...

I think the building is too close to the street. It should be torn down and rebuilt. Otherwise, it's a good place to park when picking up food at Pizza Hut.

Anonymous said...

Some of the tackiest furniture in the market.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous 2:11.

Anonymous said...

In the late 1970s and 1980s they used to have TV commercials.
The adverstising tag line was something like, "Huff Furniture, you wont see it in your friends place but they will see it in yours."

They were a brand...a thing.
Lots of chrome, clear plexi and white leather.
It is a niche furniture market.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the FACT that 2:11 and 6:29 had to shop there - to see and know what's in it.

Anonymous said...

2:11 to 9:37, nope, used to work next door...doofus!

Anonymous said...

" nope, used to work next door (at Pizza Hut)..doofus!"

OUCH? Was that supposed to hurt my feelings?

Anonymous said...

Let me make it a little easier for you. Not literally next door. Also, I was involved in the decorative arts field in Atlanta, specifically the Buckhead area for over 30 years. This included ADAC, Miami Circle, Bennett Street as well as the Merchandise Mart. Never in any of those years did a client (most extremely wealthy and or famous) EVER buy anything from Huff. As to whether my calling you a doofus was meant to hurt your feelings, well, I really don't give a shit. It's tacky crap catering to those with crappy taste. If you're defending it, well, maybe doofus is too kind a word.

Anonymous said...

^^ Literally & physically butt hurt! How old are you? Good grief this is a blog about a crap furniture store not you and your delusions of grandeur. Get a real life!

Anonymous said...

whaaaa, haaaa,, you make me cry....hahahhhahah

Anonymous said...

2:11 all HUFFY with his panties on a wad about his sketch furniture business problems. SMH

Modern Chair said...

Very well effort of Huff couple and they are seriously in the undoubted list for hard working. They don't offer only the furniture because they also offer lighting tools and this makes me astonishment.

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