Friday, August 18, 2017

Significant Storage Space Planned For Briarcliff Road

Public Storage, the largest self-storage company in the country by square footage, plans to build a new facility on Briarcliff Road near Whole Foods Market.  If you're thinking they already have a facility on Briarcliff Road near Whole Foods Market, you're right, they do.
The current Public Storage facility
Glendale, California based Public Storage acquired this facility, and hundreds more across the county when it purchased rival Storage Trust Realty. 

Planning documents suggest, and a Public Storage employee confirms, that the company plans to construct a new three story, roughly 185,000 square foot climate-controlled facility at 2060 Briarcliff Road.  The new facility is adjacent to the company's current, but older, single story facility at 2080 Briarcliff Road. 
Public Storage already owns the property on which it plans to build its new facility but a number of tenants currently occupy the existing buildings the new development would replace.  Advantage Graphics & Signs, in business since 1992, occupies a portion of the property and is reportedly looking to relocate soon, possibly to Tucker.  Undersea Adventures, a "full service" scuba diving center, established in 2005, is a  former neighbor of Advantage.  The business, who in a response cited "our landlord decided to tear the building down and all the leases have been terminated," moved to Tucker earlier this spring, and can now be found at 3193 Evelyn Street. 

Although a precise timeline is not known at this time, it's believed that the new facility will eventually replace the current facility, sometime late next year.  It's also unclear what the company plans to do with the current facility once the new, modern facility is completed.   
Site of the new Public Storage facility
 It's worth mentioning that Public Storage already operates a facility on Monroe Drive, about four miles from the Briarcliff location.  Additionally, rival Extra Space Storage operates facilities on Lindbergh Drive (in place of the Varsity Jr.), and on Cheshire Bridge Road (in place of a former Service Merchandise, which itself was originally Ellman's.)  

A self-storage facility was proposed on Monroe Drive on the site of the former Trust Company Bank branch designed by famed architect Henri Jova in 1962.  Fortunately, that plan is not coming to fruition.  Another facility though, at the corner of Lenox Road and Buford Highway, is being built, and is suddenly making significant vertical progress.  

What do you think of this planned development?  Do you now or have you ever had a storage unit?  What would you like to see happen on the site of the current Public Storage facility?

Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

Damn! Another storage place! SMH no! Way too many banks,storage units, retirement homes/apts and mattress firms here in GA. 😬

Anonymous said...

^^ What's your beef with retirement homes? Retired folks don't live in apartments without elevators. I agree with you on storing junk those places should be cleared out and LETGO! SMH just because you don't use a bank. Grumpy sounds like you could use a good new mattress though! LOL

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