Monday, January 15, 2018

[UPDATE] Huff Furniture Finally Confirms Plans to Close

Huff Furniture announced this past week that it will be closing its Buckhead retail store after 61 years in business.  ToNeTo Atlanta reported last year that the furniture shop, located at 3178 Peachtree Road, was having a "restructuring sale," and that despite being advertised as a "complete inventory liquidation," was reportedly in an effort to clear inventory for a remodel and not in preparation for a closure.
Huff Furniture July 2017 

At the time, the company said:

"After diligent research and analysis we have decided to RESTRUCTURE our BUSINESS! We are thrilled to   announce that we will be remodeling our showroom, adding a new Lifestyle Division, and developing new  strategies to compete in today’s market. To accomplish our goal, we must  drastically reduce  our entire current inventory with never before seen savings!  EVERY PIECE OF FINE FURNITURE will be MARKED DOWN to clear our showroom floor! We are very excited and pleased to be moving forward in this manner, as we will be EVEN  BETTER THAN BEFORE."

Last July, Huff Furniture co-owner Jimmy Huff told ToNeTo Atlanta that "we [Huff Furniture] own the building and are not going anywhere," when we asked about closure. 

It's unclear whether any serious changes or renovations were ever performed, as from the outside, the space looks the same, and there were never any building permits filed with The City of Atlanta.  

What does seem to have changed, at least publicly, is the Huff family's stance on the business.  This week the website was replaced with a single message that reads: 


After 61 years, Huff Furniture will be closing its doors on Peachtree Road!  Our building has been sold, and it MUST BE VACATED!  

This will be your LAST OPPORTUNITY to purchase SPECIAL ORDERS and take advantage of up to 80% OFF FLOOR MODELS while we still have them!  When they're GONE, they're GONE!    Don't Miss It!  OPEN 7 DAYS!  

*Please be advised, Huff Furniture is not Going Out of Business. All outstanding orders will be processed.

The fact that the store makes a point of expressly saying they are not "going out of business" while still having what seems to be a "going out of business" sale is perplexing. 

The property was "sold" by Huff Furniture, Inc. to Franklin-Huff LLC in 2007 for $2.5 million.  Fulton county records have  do not yet reflect what the company the recent sale price of the building.  The Georgia Secretary of State's office, however, does show that Franklin-Huff LLC was terminated November 16, 2017.  

Last year, the Huff Furniture property was listed on The Shopping Center Group's website as being available for sale/lease.  The listing, which has since been removed, did not indicate a price, but described the property as 6,000 square feet with "50 linear feet of frontage on Peachtree Road."  The property sits on roughly a quarter of an acre.

Are you surprised by Huff Furniture's impending closure?  What would you like to see open in place of Huff?  Given its small but prominent site on Peachtree Road in Buckhead, do you think it will be replaced by new retail, residential, restaurant or other?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Seeing as how the closest Mattress Firm is nearly 100 feet south, I'm hoping they will put a Mattress firm to serve the north end of that strip center. Or maybe a Starbucks?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What will the housewives of atlanta do now for furniture?? Oh well Rooms to go is Stoll available!

Anonymous said...

"Oh no! What will the housewives of atlanta do now for furniture?? Oh well Rooms to go is Stoll available!"

Is this a recommendation? Sounds as though you shop there frequently. No thank you!

Unknown said...

If the building has been sold I assume that the adjoining businesses will be closing also. I would hate to see the White house close down.

Anonymous said...

NO MORE STARBUCKS! I wish they would be closing some of them instead of the Teavanas. Too many of them. Make room for something else. And please no more Mattress Firms!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same

Anonymous said...

I really hated to see them close. They are a nice family and I wish them the best.

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