Monday, January 29, 2018

The Dapper Doughnut to Debut at Lenox Square in March

The Dapper Doughnut, a new-to-market franchise, will open its first Atlanta area location in Buckhead's Lenox Square.  The eatery being opened by franchisees Bob & Donna Huntley and Richard & Tracey Holcomb will be a kiosk on the mall's market level within the "Fashion Cafe" aka the food court.  The Dapper Doughnut kiosk will be at the front of the Fashion Cafe, along the wall between FIVE GUYS and The Farmer's Basket.  The franchisees hope to be open by mid-to-late March.   
The Dapper Doughnut kiosk at Haywood Mall in Greenville,SC
Started by hot mini doughnut enthusiasts Jeff and Brian Pappas, The Dapper Doughnut has been in business since 2015.  The Pappas brothers partnered with Jimmy Nuccio and Gabriel Wiesen of existing Chicago area business Beavers Coffee + Donuts to create the new concept which they started franchising in July 2016.

The Dapper Doughnut is based in Las Vegas, and according to their website, currently has fourteen locations open and another eight coming soon, including the one coming to Lenox Square.  

Like many little doughnut makers, The Dapper Doughnut utilizes doughnut making equipment from Champlin, Minnesota-based Lil' Orbits.  In business since 1974, Lil' Orbits' machines have been used by various mall and event businesses in Atlanta over the years, but Dapper Doughnut will be one of the first franchises to use their machines for mini doughnuts.  

The Dapper Doughnut, which offers three business models - retail location, kiosk and food truck (plus catering) - sells prospective franchisees on the incredible ROI provided by mini doughnuts.  The company claims that it costs about  $.03 to produce a mini doughnut and the average retail/food truck price of the mini doughnut is around $.60.  This ROI of 1,900% could be why the shops all offer free samples.  The company claims its overall average food cost is about 10%, way below the 35% and 25% average food costs at fine ding and quick serve restaurants respectively.  

A menu for the Atlanta location is already available and indicates that three doughnuts will be priced at $2.25 ($.75 per).  The Lenox location will offer doughnuts in counts of six, twelve, twenty-four and forty-eight as well.  Buying forty-eight is the best value at a price of $25 or about $.52 per doughnut.  

The Dapper Doughnut, like fellow Atlanta newcomer Duck Donuts, offers only cake donuts, but offers plenty of customization options.   
Assorted Dapper Doughnut flavors/toppings 
In Lenox Square, The Dapper Doughnut would join an already robust variety of dessert/snack options including Sugarfina (candy), Great American Cookies, Sprinkles (cupcakes, cookies and ice cream), Godiva Chocolatier, Amorino (gelato), Bubbleology (bubble tea), Starbucks, Pinkberry (frozen yogurt), Häagen-Dazs (ice cream), Garrett Popcorn, Sweet Hut Bakery, Auntie Anne's (pretzels), Woops! Macarons, and La Fete Chocolat, among others.  Atlanta-based Cinnabon has had three separate locations at Lenox Square over the years, but is currently absent from the mall.  

The Huntleys and Holcombs have six children and six grandchildren between them, and nearly eighty years of work experience, but seemingly none of that experience was in food service.  "Although our family has had very different career paths we all agreed that we wanted our next venture to be unique and delicious" said the Holcombs of their doughnut venture.  There is no indication that the group's franchise Sweet Concepts, LLC. plans to open more than one location, but if the shop generates returns anywhere near what corporate advertises, you can bet there will be more Dapper Doughnut shops popping up around metro Atlanta.  

Have you ever tried a Dapper Doughnut? Do you prefer mini or traditionally sized doughnuts?  Where is your favorite place to get doughnuts in metro Atlanta?

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ImAndy said...

Had Duck donuts for the first time this morning when they brought them to us at Wework and it was very very good. I don't know about a Donut kiosk taking precious seating at Lenox. Traffic has also been very poor for Sweet Hut.

BK said...

When I went to college in Minnesota I fell in love with the good ole cinnamon sugar 'Minne-Donuts' they'd have at sporting events and state fair. Warm, fresh made, less sticky Minnesota version of a Hot n Fresh Kripsy Kreme. Nothing fancy, just a good donut and easy enough to share a couple bites with people easily. I doubt I'd go out of my way to go try these, but if I was in the Mall I'd probably buy some.

Anonymous said...

Walmart sells 32 oz containers of cinnamon mini donuts for under $3.00. If you zap them in a microwave, they are warm, soft, very cinnamon-y - still good even a couple days after purchase.

Good luck to the franchisees!

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