Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Self Storage Facility Proposed on Site of Former Seafood Spot in Brookhaven

TD Self Storage Enterpise, LLC is proposing a new self-storage facility on Buford Highway in Brookhaven.  The 85,000 square foot climate-controlled facility would open at 2991 Buford Highway,  just off North Druid Hills Road.  The new facility would open in place of a what was once a Captain D's restaurant that had more recently been operating as a used car lot.  A Denny's franchise group announced plans in 2014 to open a new Denny's at the location, but those plans failed to materialize.  

The site of the proposed self-storage complex is adjacent to where adult business Stardust operates out of a former Dunkin' Donuts.  

The preliminary plans for the development indicate the size of the building, 85,000 square feet, and size of the parcel, 1.046 acres, but not the exact number of units planned.  The facility would be branded Life Storage.     

There is already one Life Storage in Brookhaven, on the I-85 access road at its intersection with Briarwood Road, across from REI.  A few miles away, another Extra Space Storage Life Storage recently opened  in Chamblee at Peachtree Boulevard & Sexton Woods Drive.  

Competing self-storage company The Space Shop has two of its own projects underway in the vicinity, one on Clairmont Road near Bragg Street close to Peachtreee DeKalb Airport, and another on Buford Highway at Lenox Road.  
A community meeting was held last month at the DoubleTree Hotel off North Druid Hills Road with plans for the Life Storage to be heard by the Brookhaven Planning Commission on May 2 and the Mayor and City Council on May 22.  

As we've said before, if you are sick of all these self-storage joints, sell your crap and help to curb the multi-billion dollar market. 

Are you disappointed that the Denny's never opened at this location and that a self-storage complex is being proposed instead?  If the storage facility is denied, what would you like to see open at the site?  Do you currently rent a storage unit?

Please share your thoughts below


Anonymous said...

Very disappointed with that considering there are numerous self storage facilities in the area. Can we also count the storage facilities on Cheshire Bridge Road and Peachtree Road in this number as well? I think those facilities are so visually unappealing.

Anonymous said...

Too many storage units. But in this case it will look better than the sketchy used car lot.

Anonymous said...

"As we've said before, if you are sick of all these self-storage joints, sell your crap and help to curb the multi-billion dollar market."

Problem is everyone is trying to sell their junk (for top $) and no one wants it. Offer Up, Let go, Craigslist - there are more Sellers than Buyers, even then some creep wants you to deliver it to them for next to free. I finally gave up (not a hoarder or packrat) and started just donating to SA and Goodwill, but even they are limiting what people can donate.

Again I'm not a hoarder or even a packrat, but Im constantly purging and limiting what I buy. If I purchase something new, then I get rid of an item in my household. I will never rent one of these places, but the people that do are out of their minds. I can see a small number of people that desperately need a unit for a short amount of time, but this is insane.

DONATE, even if you cant write it off. Take your TV's to a electronics recycler. Do the environmentally correct thing and don't just trash your crap!

Anonymous said...

Oh goody - I was hoping for a Mattress Firm, but this is surely the next best option!

I think that Denny's franchisee might be struggling. They recently closed one of their newer stores in Gwinnett.

Ham said...

As more and more folks move into all these in-town apartments/condos they need a place to store all their junk. I suspect there is a need for these places or they would not be building them. I agree they are eyesores and would fit better in industrial areas, but that is more of a zoning issue for the county.

Anonymous said...

The new LifeStorage in Chamblee on Peachtree at first glance looks just like townhomes and upscale apartments and a village strip of shops.

Anonymous said...

Yahh I will take the fa├žade of fake townhomes, apartments, and village shops over that ratcheted hoop dee car lot that NeNe Leakes got her first Rent a Rolls from before they went kaput. Now I love me some NeNe but I’d rather have the purty storage then the hoop dee car lot. Shout out to my boy Eli.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what retail is going in the lifestorage at Chamblee? They did a great job with the aesthetics, would love to see a sandwich shop, heck even a dry cleaner..

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