Friday, May 4, 2018

[EXCLUSIVE] Loyal Q Team Opening Loyal Tavern on Canton Street in Roswell

The owners of new barbecue eatery Loyal Q are planning a sibling concept in historic downtown Roswell to be called Loyal Tavern.  The new restaurant, originally known as R. Rackhouse, is described as "sports bar-like" and will open at 950 Canton Street in place of The Chandlery, a retail shop that our friends at Scoop OTP reported closed during fall  2016.  The restaurant will reportedly feature traditional tavern fare and feature limited barbecue offerings from Loyal Q.  
Former Taco Mac executives Susan Oddo (who served as the company's President and COO from 2009-2014) and Bob Campbell, Taco Mac's founder, reunited to create Loyalty Market Concepts, owner of Loyal Q and Loyal Tavern.  

The first Loyal Q & Brew opened last August at Parkaire Landing shopping center on Johnson Ferry Road in East Cobb.  A second location opened this past February on Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta in the former 5 Seasons Brewery.  

Popular neighborhood BBQ joint Swallow at the Hollow closed at the end of last year, while Grand Champion BBQ opened at 982 Canton Street in April 2016.  

ToNeTo Atlanta has been tracking Loyal Tavern's progress for months, having witnessed the restaurant suffer through a number of delayed openings, the first of which was reportedly planned for February. 

Sources close to the restaurant indicate that current plans are for Loyal Tavern to open Tuesday May 15.  

Are you excited for the addition of another dining option to historic downtown Roswell?  Have you been to either Loyal Q location?  What is your favorite location in historic downtown Roswell?

Please share your thoughts below.  


jeff a. taylor said...

As a long time GC BBQ fan at their Shallowford location, Loyal Q at Parkaire really impressed me. Not as "pure" a bbq experience, but with more meat, app, and sides options. Great craft beer and bourbon too. Meat to meat I prefer Loyal's snausage and it wins by default for salmon and turkey. I'd call the brisket a tie, primarily as Loyal has always asked me fat, lean, or half-half. GC's pork and smoked chicken, however, remain among the best I've ever had. Loyal is merely very, very good. Haven't had Loyal's ribs, but GC's are likewise top notch. Having said all that, Canton street seems like such a crap shoot. So many things out of your control, particularly parking. Wish them the best of luck.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I have had a less-than-desirable experience at Loyal Tavern. I was one of the original opening bartenders up until this evening. My former general manager [RS] decided to terminate my employment due to the fact that I wasn't responding to his sexual advances. Roughly around 2 weeks ago he made a sexual comment about my breast and the size of them and I did not respond. This evening he told me that we would have to part ways because my job performance has been lacking since the last two weeks. This is very unfortunate that a young black female bartender has to have her job in jeopardy because of not taking her general managers advances. In the two months that we have been open I have created lasting and return relationships. I take my job very seriously and work very hard to ensure that we succeed.

It is also very unprofessional that the general manager and another bartender who is also married have been seen on multiple occasions leaving together and coming back into our place of employment intoxicated together. Unfortunately this bar is not very professionally run from the top. I do hope that no other employee has to endure the same unfair and unprofessional conduct that I have endured.

We have already lost two other black female bartenders since being opened two months ago. I truly hope they did not experience the same sexual advances. Steer clear of this establishment as there are a lot of issues.

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