Thursday, May 31, 2018

[UPDATE] West Elm Atlantic Station "Moving" to New Buckhead Store Near Lenox Square

Furniture and home decor retailer west elm, which ToNeTo Atlanta announced in November would be opening a new store at the Shops Around Lenox in Buckhead, is actually "moving" its Atlantic Station store to Buckhead, according to post on the Atlantic Station location's Instagram page Wednesday.   
"WE ARE MOVING!!! We are sad to leave our home in Atlantic Station in a couple of weeks, but are excited for new beginnings in Buckhead. Stop by and see our moving sale - UP TO 60% OFF!!"
The biggest "deals" to be had at the store will be on floor models and "scratch & dent" merchandise, with typical store merchandise reportedly not being discounted at all.  Merchandise included in the sale is likely to reflect savings of 20-60% off retail prices.  
The store's final day at Atlantic Station is expected to be Saturday, June 17.  The new store at Shops Around Lenox would open Monday, June 18.  

Operating stores at both Atlantic Station and Ponce City Market, about three miles apart, never made much sense, and its closure is something ToNeTo Atlanta had previously hinted might be coming.    

The approximately 12,000 square foot store at The Shops Around Lenox adjacent to Lenox Square on Around Lenox Drive, replaced women's boutique Tootsies, which as ToNeTo Atlanta reported previously, downsized and relocated to Buckhead Exchange at Peachtree Road & Grandview Avenue.  

West elm, a division of San Francisco-based Williams-Sonoma, Inc., launched in 2002 and opened at Atlantic Station, its first Atlanta store, in 2005.  In 2014, the company opened in Alpharetta's Avalon development with additional locations coming to Ponce City Market in 2015 and to Drayton Street in Savannah the following year.    

In late 2016, the company announced the launch of West Elm Hotels.  There are confirmed plans for six West Elm Hotels including one planned for Drayton Street in Savannah across from Forsyth Park.  Hospitality sources indicate that the company has at least "looked at" the possibility of opening a hotel in metro Atlanta with areas along The BeltLine being of most interest.    

ToNeTo Atlanta reported in October that A Pottery Barn "warehouse sale" outlet store quietly opened in Morrow at Southlake Festival near Southlake Mall this past July.  The store, which primarily features Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids merchandise, with occasional Williams-Sonoma and West Elm products, is open only Thursday through Sunday from 10 AM until 7 PM.  The store is reportedly only temporary, and is one of only a handful that the company has opened.    

West elm's Buckhead store will join existing Williams-Sonoma brands Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen, all in Lenox Square.    

At the Shops Around Lenox, west elm is the latest in a string of new and upcoming tenants in the rejuvenated development.    

This past November, Draper James, from actress Reese Witherspoon, opened only their fourth overall location at Shops Around Lenox. New York-based indoor cycling studio  SoulCycle also opened in the center earlier this monthFlower Child, from the creators of True Food Kitchen, will open in a portion of the former American Apparel late next month, with lululemon also expected to expand and renovate their existing store in the center.   The catalyst for much of this was Crate & Barrel, which also sells furniture and home decor, and relocated from Lenox Square to the Shops Around Lenox in 2012.   

Are you excited for the opening of west elm at the Shops Around Lenox?  Do you think a west elm hotel will come to fruition in Atlanta, if so, where should it open?  Have you been to the Pottery Barn outlet in Morrow?  

Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

No surprise. Atl Station's efforts to rebrand itself have been admirable. But the same element is still out in force, especially at night. Im surprised Banana Rep is still open tbqh.

Anonymous said...

What element? Are you talking about crime?

Anonymous said...

The “element” as in black? Wake up and own up to the fact that you are racist.

Ham said...

Well, can't say I'm excited, but more likely to stop in the new location than Atlantic Station.

Anonymous said...

Not being racist in the least bit, however the element is alive and well at Lenox Square. It’s a simple as that. I was eating lunch in the food court at perimeter Mall even, and people were begging me for money and to buy lunch for them, it all comes from Marta. And also people were begging for money outside urban outfitters and shake shack. It is an element. There’s no denying it. And there’s nothing racist about the truth. Folks need to stop making excuses for things they are unhappy with in their life and stop labeling every little thing racist. peace brothers and a shout out to my boy Eli. Writing the best blog in the 404!

Anonymous said...

Yes element meaning ppl more likely to either commit crime or make other patrons feel uneasy.

Anonymous said...

Yes agree with last 2 posters on definition of element. They can be dressed as purple teletubbies if they act that way they are part of the element.

Anonymous said...

The “element” as in black? Wake up and own up to the fact that you are racist.
May 31, 2018 at 4:30 PM

One day YOU will have to wake up and own to the FACT the word RACIST means nothing anymore.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 1:09PM The LBGTXYZ community is part of the element. You are in trouble now! ;)

Anonymous said...

How horrible for you that someone asked you for money. You should get counseling for that.

"it all comes from Marta"
No it all comes from a region steeped in racism, segregation and everything that goes along with it. After treating a segment of the population as disposable for a century what did we think the result would be?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:45 PM BLAH, Blah, blah Your brain is in slave shackles.
Stay on topic and get off the plantation
The topic is Atlantic Station.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:24

Maybe you are too dense to follow a conversation so silent while the grown up are talking.

Anonymous said...

@11:21 PM

Ouch? What conversation? The Race Card is expired and besides you cant use it at any store at Atlantic Station. Sbux accepts the Race Card so run along and try to keep them in business!

Anonymous said...

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