Thursday, June 28, 2018

[ALERT] East Atlanta Village's Octopus Bar Closed Due to Upcoming Condo Project?

Octopus Bar had what it called "The Gran Finale" this past Saturday.  Details of exactly what that meant are unclear at this point, but there is reportedly a condo development planned nearby that may force the bar's closure.  So Ba, the Vietnamese restaurant with which Octopus Bar shares space, remains open, but its long term prospects are hazy.  Both restaurants are located at 560 Gresham Road in East Atlanta Village.  So Ba opened in late 2009, followed by Octopus Bar, a joint venture between Chefs Nhan Le and the late Angus Brown.
A now deleted post on the @8ARM Instagram page 

Operating hours at Octopus Bar that started at 10:30 PM, after So Ba and many other restaurants closed,  made it a popular destination for industry workers.  "Octopus bar represents the intersection between a local eatery and punk rock fine dining," according to its website.  

Brown and Le opened Lusca (thought to be a gigantic octopus), an upscale restaurant in Brookwood Hills in south Buckhead, in 2014.  In late 2015, the duo announced they would close the restaurant and it would become a catering facility.  The restaurant closed in early 2016, and for a short time was home to Haus, a pseudo-restaurant operating as a club.  Today, the space is home to Summerour Architects, a local architecture firm.  

The pair opened 8ARM, (are you sensing a theme?) during the summer of 2016, adjacent to Paris on Ponce at 710 Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Brown, a well regarded culinary talent who had worked previously at Miller Union, was found dead in early January 2017.  He was 35.  Le planned to continue operating the pair's various projects and move forward with their planned eatery Ama at Paris on Ponce, but seemingly things have not gone as expected.  

Sources at 8ARM indicate that Le still plans to open Ama, it's just unclear when it will happen.  

Do you know any more details about the closure of Octopus Bar?  Do you think condos would ruin the aesthetic of East Atlanta Village?  What is your favorite East Atlanta Village area restaurant?  

Please share your thoughts below.  

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