Monday, June 11, 2018

The Diner at North Point Has Closed

The Diner at North Point has closed.  The breakfast,lunch & dinner restaurant, located at 2355 Mansell Road near North Point Mall in Alpharetta had been in business 10 years.  A sign posted to the restaurant's front door confirms its closure but provides no explanation for it.

"The Diner at North Point will Be Closed until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience!!!!"

A handwritten addition to the notice advised vendors to contact Brian Rouleam for equipment. 

The restaurant has profiles on both Twitter and Facebook but  they have not been updated since February and June 2017, respectively.  

The Diner at North Point occupied a 8,757 square foot building that was originally constructed in 2001 and operated for a few years as Cozymel's Coastal Mexican Grill. The restaurant sits on 2.1 acres and has parking for 131 vehicles, according to a sales listing from Bull Realty. 

According to the listing which was last updated June 6, the property is being offered for sale for $3.9 million, or for lease for $18,000 a month.  The size and location of the parcel could make it attractive to hotel developers.  

What would you like to see open in place of The Diner at North Point?  Are you surprised that The Diner at North Point closed?  What is your favorite North Point area restaurant? 

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

Whatever they put in here, I hope they either raze the building and start over or totally gut the place and start over. Restaurants that open up in old restaurants and then basically only change the signs and menus always seem dirty and worn out.

Anonymous said...

This was a good place for a meal. They did zero advertising which may have contributed to the closure.

Irish Potatohead said...

The Diner at North Point was a regular stop for me. They had a great menu and above average food. No research behind this but do think that the increase in the supply of restaurants in the Alpharetta/Roswell area will lead to more closures of this nature. Eleven restaurants will open in Alpharetta City Center between June 2018 and March 2019. Add these to the massive surge in openings in downtown Alpharetta and that came with Avalon over the last few years and more closures are sure to follow, especially in the North Point Mall area.

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