Thursday, July 26, 2018

[CLOSURE ALERT] Sprinkles Has Shuttered at Lenox Square in Buckhead

Sprinkles has closed its location at the front of Lenox Square in Buckhead.  The cupcake, cookie and ice cream shop opened to much fanfare in January 2014, but was never as busy as its smaller locations in many cities around the country.  The rent, which was undoubtedly expensive considering the size - 3,419 square feet - and location of the shop, was surely a contributing factor in the decision to close.  The store's popular "Cupcake ATM" indicated that it was out of cupcakes at just after 10AM this morning, and all signs point to it being out for good.  

"We love Atlanta and plan to be back as we continue to grow Sprinkles across the country! Thank you ATL!"  

Following the closure, Sprinkles will operate 23 locations including newly opened outposts in Downtown Disney in Anaheim and Disney Springs in Orlando, as well as three across Manhattan.

In early April, Sprinkles closed their shop and ATM in Nashville's hip 12 South neighborhood which had opened in December 2015.

Sprinkles was founded in 2005 by husband and wife duo Candace and Charles Nelson following their visit to Magnolia Bakery in New York.  Both Candace and her husband left jobs in investment banking to open the first Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. 

Work begins to clear our Sprinkles at Lenox Square 
Prior to the Atlanta opening, Sprinkles had sought input from fans via its website about where they should open next, with both Atlanta and Boston among the top vote getters.  Sprinkles has thus far not opened in Boston, but perhaps not due to lack of interest, but because there is an existing cookie, cupcake and ice cream business by the same name already in operation there.

Despite Sprinkles closure, there are plenty of premium cupcake purveyors still in business in and around Atlanta including local upstart Cami Cakes, with locations in Buckhead, Vinings, Camp Creek and Smyrna, as well as chains Georgetown Cupcake, with a shop in The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, and multiple locations of both Gigi's Cupcakes and Smallcakes Cupcakery, among others.  

There is zero indication that Sprinkles actually intends to reopen in metro Atlanta anytime soon.  

Are you surprised that Sprinkles closed at Lenox Square?  What would you like to see open in place of Sprinkles at Lenox Square?  Who in Atlanta do you feel makes the best cupcake?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Too much cupcake saturation in Atlanta, too many options and the cupcakes at Sprinkles, while good, were small and pricey

Anonymous said...

Plus, there was hardly any marketing. I actually had forgotten about them.

CloseOTP said...

An issue I bet were larger orders. If I want a dozen or 2 for an event, I'd rather go to a small strip center than Lenox. I'm sure Lenox did well for the single cupcake, but larger orders are really important for a business like this.

Anonymous said...

The cupcakes were good and not much more expensive than the other places around town. What I think hurt them was their space was huge and rent must have been tremendous. Being at the "front" of the mall wasn't really helpful as there is nowhere to park just to run inside and grab a cupcake or ice cream and leave quickly. They probably would have been better off in just a smaller store inside the mall near the food area as a good dessert or sugar rush option.

I've been to Sprinkles in a couple of other cities and they were always packed. This location never seemed busy so I'm not shocked.

Anonymous said...

Sprinkles has the best cupcakes. The amount and type of icing they use is just right. The other cupcake shops pile cheap and too sweet icing on.

Anonymous said...

Out Cupcakes --- In Mayonnaise Ice Cream

Jenn said...

I really hope they come back to Atlanta. They are the best cupcake purveyors hands down. The location was a pain to get in and out of for cupcakes so I was only willing to do that 1-2x a year. They should open in Brookhaven or Roswell where the would get more foor traffic.

Tracy Y Costen said...

Best. Cupcakes. Ever. I am heartbroken.

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