Monday, July 30, 2018

Verde Taqueria Has Closed In Sandy Springs, Cafe Posh Could Replace it

Verde Taqueria has closed its restaurant in the Gateway development on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.  The restaurant, which was one of three Mexican restaurants in the development, and one of more than a dozen or so along a short stretch of Roswell Road, opened in late 2016 and closed after dinner service Sunday night, according to local sources.  
The Brookhaven location, which was their first, opened in 2009 on Dresden Drive.  The Collier Road location, which replaced Fox & Hounds, opened in late 2011. Both the Brookhaven and Collier Road locations remain open.  

As we reported earlier today, Cafe Posh, a Mediterranean eatery, closed its location in Fountain Oaks shopping center and indicated it would reopen at both 3150 Roswell Road and 4550 Roswell Road.  3150 Roswell is Hanover Buckhead Village, the new luxury high-rise adjacent to the Buckhead Theater in Buckhead.  This location is currently under construction and is projected to open by Labor Day.  4550 Roswell is the Gateway development.  The development is fully leased with no actively available restaurant space other than the now vacant Verde space.  At about 4,000 square feet, the Verde space would be more than double the size of the Fountain Oaks Cafe Posh which occupied a mere 1,372 square foot space.  

Real estate sources tell ToNeTo Atlanta that the freeestanding Urban Cookhouse restaurant is also struggling and was previously on the market.  

Are you surprised by Verde's closure?  Do you think the space is too big for Cafe Posh?  What is your favorite restaurant in Gateway?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

This is so crazy because I was just in the Gateway shopping center this weekend. I commented to my husband that there are 3 Mexican food offerings. Verde is right across from Cheeky's which isn't too far from a Chipotle.

Tyson said...

Their old location at Fountain Oaks was 1,372sf and the new location at Hanover Buckhead Village is 1,406sf. I'm guessing the landlord for the Gateway Shopping Center is going to split the former Verde space to give Café Posh around the same square footage as the other locations.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Cheeky's has survived and Verde closed! We regularly ate at Verde and were quite disappointed the couple times we were at Cheeky's. Agree that three Mexican restaurants never made sense but sad to see Verde go as it was part of our regular circuit with our kids. Wouldn't mind if we got another offering besides Urban Cookhouse though - can't figure out the draw to that place.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO! We love that Verde, and we were there Sunday night and had no idea! (Except the waitress was abnormally it makes sense.)

Any idea if they will re-open elsewhere?

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