Tuesday, September 4, 2018

[UPDATE] The Mourning Dove Goes Down In The Shops Buckhead Atlanta

Revelator Coffee’s The Mourning Dove Cafe at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta closed over the weekend. The Mourning Dove opened in the luxury complex on Peachtree Road early last December taking over the space previously occupied by Corso Coffee, a concept from New York's LDV Hospitality.
Despite having walked into a million dollar plus build out, the absence of foot traffic at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta seemed to be too much for Revelator to succeed.  

Exterior signage at The Mourning Dove was still up as of Tuesday afternoon, as was both its interior and exterior seating.  Its Big Green Egg had been moved inside.  No closing signage or notice of any kind was posted for would-be patrons.  

According to sources close to the shop, the Mourning Dove plans to reopen "soon" in an as yet undisclosed West Midtown location .  The cafe will not take over the former Revelator coffee shop at the Cottonwood Westside apartments at on Howell Hill Road at 14th Street. The Cottonwood shop closed in June and was transformed into Revelator’s training lab and the Birmingham-based coffee brand’s Atlanta headquarters. 

ToNeTo Atlanta reported in August that Revelator plans to open a pair of new locations later this fall in Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.  The shops in Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza are slated to open in November and are expected to feature Queen of Cream Ice Cream.  
Interior of The Mourning Dove September 4
Revelator is also opening a new coffee shop in downtown Atlanta in the street level of Centennial Tower at 101 Marietta Street.  The downtown location, first revealed early this year, has been delayed a number of times with the most recent permit for work on the space filed with the City of Atlanta in early July.  Sources close to the coffee shop indicate it’s expected to open before the end of the year. 

Other Revelator locations include one in the former Grant Park Octane coffee shop, in Ponce City Market, and within the Whole Foods Market stores in Chamblee and Kennesaw. 

Octane still holds onto its name at the original shop on Marietta Street on the Westside, the Woodruff Arts Center in Midtown and Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead...for now. 

Atlanta remains Revelator's largest market by store count.  

Are you surprised that The Mourning Dove did not last at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta?  Where do you think The Mourning Dove will reopen on the Westside?  What is your favorite local coffee shop?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Not shocking at all. Did go there to meet some clients from out of town for business meetings on a few occasions. For some reason there was poor ventilation and I would leave with smell of a burnt panini in my clothes.

Carl said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. David Simon will get a kick out of this; a tenant leaving Buckhead Atlanta (Shops at Buckhead?) while also taking space at both Phipps and Lenox. The fears about BA severely impacting Lenox/Phipps never really panned out.

Too bad BA hasn't caught on with the "urban" crowd a la Atlantic Station; folks love to blame the "urban" crowd for retailing failures in this fair town.

Keep reporting, Eli!

Anonymous said...

I think Buckhead Atlanta is beautiful. Hopefully it will find the right mix of stores and do well. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... The Beverly Hills of the South... whose most successful tenant is a $6 burger joint.

I'll conceived from the beginning and just a horrible architectural plan.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:25 - well said, hard to park, hard to get in and out, no street visibility of storefronts, weird mix of tenants

Anonymous said...

Strike Two!

Anonymous said...

This to me is Sam Massel's legacy. His baby and crowning achievement. No surprise that a man with suburban dreams, has facilitated the creation of a colossal failure, in an urban setting. Atlanta and Buckhead could be so much more, but no, he give us the Beverly Hills of the South. Problem is, nobody wants Beverly Hills.

Anonymous said...

The employees of this place were slower than glacial spreading. I was 2nd in line and took them 10 mins to pour coffee for the patron in front of me. Plus no foot traffic.

Anonymous said...

The portion of this development that faces Peachtree is a travesty. It does very little to engage the sidewalk/street and feels more like you are walking on the backside of a building, not an entrance.

This location should have done extremely well, especially with the continued added density in the area via delivery of high end apartments and the condos underway. It's a poor design.

ImAndy said...

Oliver McMillian is now building affordable housing in Honolulu. How the mighty has fallen. Lol

396 said...

A keen observation by Anon @ 5:31 on Sept. 5. Nobody can blame the struggles of Buckhead Atlanta on "demographics." They've had a decade to plan and re-plan, strategize and reconsider.

It's mostly turned in on itself and away from the surrounding streets. It wants to be "exclusive" and popular at the same time. It's a mile from the nearest rail station but the kind of people who would ride a bus there are the "wrong type" for the image they want to convey. I hope they can figure this out.

Anonymous said...

Figure out that people in Atlanta are not the market for $1500 Moncler down ski jackets?

One would think Mocler could figure that out. But they didn't.

Buckhead Atlanta is a joke. An absolute Cluster F from beginning to now.

Anonymous said...

The demographic that would shop BA already frequents the destinations of Fifth Ave, Rodeo Dr, and Worth Ave.

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