Monday, December 17, 2018

[UPDATE] Just a Pasture Away, The Red Eyed Mule Finds A New "House"

The owners of popular Marietta eatery The Red Eyed Mule threw frequent patrons into a tizzy when they revealed in late November that they were not offered a new lease at their current location and would need to find a new home.  With numerous suggestions for new locations coming in via the restaurant's Facebook page, co-owners Sabra and Joseph Wood were not short on options to pursue.  
On December 9, Jake, the restaurant's spokes-mule, announced via facebook: 
"After many long nights and no sleep my owners have found me a new barn!! And the BEST THING’s just a pasture away!!"
While the location has not yet been publicly announced, a restaurant employee indicated over the weekend that the new The Red Eyed Mule will open in the old Huddle House at 430 South Marietta Parkway.  The move keeps the popular breakfast and lunch eatery in Cobb County and in Marietta.  The former Huddle House was suggested by numerous patrons and, as they pointed out, is in tip-top shape following a major renovation completed last October.  

Interior of the former Huddle House 

According to Cobb County records, the Huddle House had been in business at the location since 1989.  Amazingly though, despite the extensive renovation last fall, it only lasted about another year before closing earlier this fall.  

The current Mule at a mere 600 square feet, is small, but full of character and hospitality.  The new Mule, 1,924 square feet, according to Cobb County tax records, will provide the owners more space to provide more food to more people, which should be good for everyone.  The new restaurant will also provide diners more than 30 dedicated parking spaces.  The new restaurant may not have the character of the original, but with the same staff expected to transfer over and the new Mule a mere three miles from its current stable, this may have been a blessing in disguise  

The Red Eyed Mule in its current location is expected to close December 29 or 30 with plans to reopen on South Marietta Parkway in mid-to-late January. 

Are you excited for the new The Red Eyed Mule?  What is your your favorite menu item at The Red Eyed Mule?  Why do you think Huddle House closed so soon after they reopened?

Please share your thoughts below  


TA said...

This is amazing news. If this is the new location, it is not necessarily closer but easier to get to. I was saddened to find out that the owners of "Come n get it" did not renew the mules lease. But then again the mule was breakfast and lunch competition. Sadly Come n get it will lose dinner patronage for their decision. Me being one.

Cheryl R said...

I hope this is true. I am excited. This is across the street and this area need this. I love it.

Anonymous said...

So excited for us CCSD employees! I can walk off the burger calories on my way back to work!

Anonymous said...

The smoked corned beef hash on Saturday mornings will draw me out of bed, even out on a rainy Saturday. PLEASE keep this favorite!!

Unknown said...

So very glad they chose Kennesaw!

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