Sunday, December 30, 2018

[CIAO!] Midtown Loses Another Restaurant With Ribalta Closing Sunday

Midtown pizzeria Ribalta will close this weekend one last time after less than five years in business.  The restaurant, a satellite of the original location in New York, opened in mid 2014 in the street level retail of 1010 Midtown.  The Neapolitan pizzeria opened in place of original tenant Piola, a similar eatery.  
According to employees at the restaurant, Ribalta's last day in business will be Sunday December 30, when they will close after dinner service.  The restaurant is physically located on 11th Street, around the corner from the main Peachtree Street entrance to the residential building.  Adjacent to Ribalta, Mi Cocina closed in October 2016, and in recent months work has gotten underway on Sugar Factory, the New York-based novelty restaurant that will open in its place.  

No reason was provided for Ribalta's closure but Midtown has always been a tough market for restaurants.  

Although Yelp is not always an accurate barometer of the success of a restaurant, Ribalta had a rather impressive overall four star rating from 266 reviews.  

Are you surprised that Ribalta is closed?  What would you like to see open in place of Ribalta?  What is your favorite restaurant in Midtown along Peachtree Street?  

Please share your thoughts below.   

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