Tuesday, May 21, 2019

[UPDATE] Hai's Authentic Chinese to Supplant Tabi Sushi in Suburban Plaza

About a year after opening, Tabi Sushi has closed in Suburban Plaza.  The restaurant, located in a 1,900 square foot corner suite near Starbucks, opened in late May of last year and closed as of Sunday May 19.  In its place, Hai's Authentic Chinese will make its debut within the next two weeks. The new restaurant, to be led by Chef Wan Hai, will feature authentic Chinese fare in a casual setting. 

Chef  Wang Hai  has spent a quarter century in the kitchen, starting when he was just 15.  Hai worked under a number of chefs in northern China and learned different types of Chinese cuisines from different regions.  He left China ten years ago and traveled to Europe and Russia, working in various restaurants with western influences. 

For the past three years, Hai worked alongside Peter Chang in Maryland where he eventually became Chang's partner and regional chef.  Hai's wife, whom he met while working in restaurants, specializes in steamed buns and northern style dumplings, and will be making both in her husband's new restaurant.  

The menu includes classic dishes like Sesame Chicken, General Tso' Chicken, Mongolian Chicken or Beef and Lo Mein Noodles with various protein additions, among other offerings.  

Prior to opening as Tabi Sushi, the Decatur area restaurant was the second outpost of Smoke + Duck Sauce.  The original Smoke + Duck Sauce remains open on Powers Ferry Road near SunTrust Park and owner Gary Lin, who is not involved in Hai's, is reportedly looking to open a second Smoke somewhere in metro Atlanta.  

This past February, Lin's Buckhead restaurant, Chow Bing, was also reconcepted, becoming Urban Wu, a full service Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine restaurant.

Are you excited for the the opening of Hai's in Suburban Plaza?  What is your favorite Chinese restaurant in metro Atlanta?  What is your all-time favorite Chinese entree or appetizer?

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Anonymous said...

Authentic Chinese dishes....like sesame chicken, general tso...and beef lo mein? Lol. That's authentic only in an American Mall food court.

Anonymous said...

i hope this isnt gonna be like the previous 2 restaurants. both were "asian" cuisine serving mediocre food. smoke and duck bbq was essentially fried rice dishes and tabi sushi was horrible sushi. no wonder they both didnt make it there. just because its a highly populated area they think they can serve whatever and people will eat it. im surprise thai express is able to survive. hopefully this next place will last. we dont need a panda express.

Anonymous said...

If he’s a Peter Chang disciple, it should be good.

irene said...

Classic Chinese... for a Walmart shopping center. Hai means ocean in Chinese, but no mention of seafood? Asian Fusion Confusion. That's just a horrible location in the shadows of Starbucks.

LAL said...

I ate there tonight, and it was excellent, with authentic Sichuan dishes. It's like Tasty China when Peter Chang was there. The dry fried cauliflower was fantastic, similar to the old dry fried eggplant in the Peter Chang era. The batter was light, not like how many Sichuan restaurants in Atlanta do it now. Just see for yourself.

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