Monday, May 6, 2019

[EXCLUSIVE] The Juicy Crab to open on Howell Mill Road

A new location of The Juicy Crab is planned for Howell Mill Square on Atlanta's Westside.  The new restaurant will open in place of Piccadilly Cafeteria which closed this past June.  Despite earlier plans to divide the roughly 10,000 square foot space into two or more suites, the deal with the owners of The Juicy Crab was reportedly "too juicy" to not execute.  
The Juicy Crab is a full service restaurant known for their flavorful New Orleans inspired menu that features a wide variety of seafood such as shrimp, snow crab legs, crawfish, clams, lobster tail and King crab, among other offerings.  

Based in Duluth, the first Juicy Crab opened in 2015 and quickly expanded to ten locations in Georgia, with half dozen or so more coming soon here and in surrounding states.  In metro Atlanta, the group's newest restaurant debuted last month at Cofer Crossing in Tucker.  The company's other Georgia restaurants include those in Duluth, Conyers, Smyrna, Douglasville, East Point, McDonough, Fayetteville, Augusta and Kennesaw.  

In addition to the Howell Mill restaurant, The Juicy Crab website indicates there are other locations coming to Morrow, Greenville, North Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, Orlando, Cincinnati, Tuscaloosa and Memphis.  

Although not explicitly stated, it's likely that the recent openings in metro Atlanta and those planned out of state are the result of the company's entry into franchising.  

Have you ever eaten at The Juicy Crab?  Are you excited about the opening of The Juicy Crab at Howell Mill Square?  Where else would you like to see The Juicy Crab open?

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  1. I can't wait for them to open!

  2. All of these seafood shacks are serving very questionable seafood species from China and other parts of the world. Even so, domestic are filled with Petrolium spilled oil and an unbelievable amount of plastics that made its way into the oceans. If you do research you’ll find that most white fish these days are of unknown species. The only fish that is somewhat safe is domestic wild caught salmon and even that is full of plastics and contaminants.

  3. @ May 8, 2019 at 7:05 AM

    To expand on your comments ... drugs like Cocaine are also showing up in Shrimp. Puget Sound in WA state has tested positive for drugs in it's Shellfish. Hormones, antibiotics, and opioids can be found in "seafood".

  4. Poop can also be found in all fish and seafood. It has to be scraped out but nevertheless it has poop in it. And people have been eating it for centuries before any plastics, drugs and “Petrolium” were in the ocean. Can you believe it? People eat something that has poop in it. Unsafe!

  5. @ 8:02 AM So you are the type that stays home, has no social life, and eats your boogers. How provincial and thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Anonymous at 9:52 am you probably stay home and chew on your used maxi pads. Bon appetit!

  7. Anonymous at 11:24 AM got his white prividge feelings hurt by a woman. Ouch?

  8. Is there a targeted date for opening?