Tuesday, November 5, 2019

[UPDATE] Planned QuikTrip on Northside Drive Moving Forward

A new QuikTrip gas station and convenience store has finally begun to move forward in West Midtown.  The new QT will locate to the corner of Northside Drive and 10th Street, adjacent to the Arium Westside apartment complex and catty corner from an existing BP gas station and convenience store.  
Typical "Gen 3" QuikTrip 

The QT would open in place of multiple automotive related businesses at 630 10th Street and 980 Northside Drive.  The two separate parcels equal approximately 1.34 acres when combined into a single site.

ToNeTo Atlanta first received word of the planned QT in 2017 but until recently, there was reason to question if the project would ever come to fruition.  Real estate sources inform ToNeTo Atlanta that the Northside Drive location has actually been in the works since 2015, perhaps even earlier.

A new permit, filed September 27, describes the project: "CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW 4969 SF CONVENIENCE STORE AND A NEW 6560 SF FUEL CANOPY COVERING 8 DISPENSER ISLANDS."

The Northside Drive portion of the project 

The 8 "dispenser islands" equal sixteen total fuel pumps, slightly fewer than traditional suburban locations which often have at least 20 total pumps.  

Prior to the most recent permit, there had been no permits filed with the City of Atlanta for the development since March of 2018.  

The land disturbance permit from 2018 indicates that about $1.5 million will be spent on the construction of the new QT.  

Tulsa, Oklahoma based QT opened a sixteen pump fuel center and convenience store on Howell Mill Road in early 2018.  The Howell Mill location, situated just 1.5 miles from the planned Northside Drive location, also took many years to come to fruition.  

The 10th Street portion of the project 
When it opens, likely sometime in late 2020, according to a company source, the new QuikTrip would join several other businesses that have opened along Northside Drive in recent years including Chick-fil-A, CookOut, and Waffle House.  A new self storage facility, labeled as "Broward Self Storage" is currently under construction adjacent to the QT parcel.  

Are you excited for the upcoming QuikTrip location?  Do you prefer QuikTrip or RaceTrac?  What is your favorite convenience store product?  

Please share your thoughts below  

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