Wednesday, November 13, 2019

[UPDATE] Former 1KEPT Leased to Owners of Negril Village, Ms. Icey's

The owners of Negril Village in Midtown [and New York] and Ms. Icey's Kitchen & Bar near Decatur are planning to open a new concept in south Buckhead.  "Apt. 4B" is slated to open early next year and will occupy the former 1KEPT restaurant space at 2293 Peachtree Road.  1KEPT closed this past September after owner Thaddeus Keefe relocated to Colorado to return to his prior career in hotel restaurant management.  
The restaurant space includes 4,800 square feet on the main level and a 2,600 square foot lower level with storerooms, walk-in boxes, delivery entrances, bathrooms, offices, and a semi-finished apartment.

Little is known about what specifically business partners Sim Walker and Glenn Wilson Jr. plan to do with the space but it will reportedly become a "restaurant, bar and lounge."  At least one person with knowledge of the transaction believes that Walker and Wilson will attempt to create a destination for former diners and patrons of shuttered nearby establishments Justin's and Frank Ski's.  

ToNeTo Atlanta reached out to both Walker and Wilson with questions about the concept [i.e. Why the name?] but got no response.  One possible inspiration for the restaurant's name is APT.4B, an urban boutique clothing store in New York where Walker grew up.  

Steve Josovitz of The Shumacher Group, Inc. represented the landlord and guided all parties to lease execution.

Are you excited for the opening of Apt. 4B?  Have you been to Negril Village or Ms. Icey's?  What is your favorite lounge in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

Good lord - this place is located in South Buckhead, near Garden Hills, Peachtree Hills and Brookwood, and these owners are trying to attract people who would normally go to Frank Ski's and Puff Daddy's old places? Talk about a failed marketing plan.

I don't think there are many people in that area of Buckhead who are looking for a new Frank Ski's. No idea why you would focus on people who have to get into their cars to feel "fancy" when you have thousands of neighbors who can walk there, but, hey, I guess that's why Frank Ski's, Justin's, Dennis Schroeder's place and a host of others have failed in this area.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Not enough Negrils in that area to make that work.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, sounds like its going to be crap!

Andre Nimene said...

Simeon has some pretty awesome restaurants that all continue to thrive and clearly theres a need for a new concept. Wait times can be quite excessive! Let's see how this one will do and what type of cuisine itll be.

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