Tuesday, December 3, 2019

[UPDATE] Tokyo Valentino Opens As... Tokyo Valentino, in Sandy Springs

This past October we reported that a new location of "adult novelty store" Tokyo Valentino would be opening on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.  Our report, which detailed Tokyo Valentino owner Michael Morrison's current and past legal issues, among other things, was met with significant criticism by Morrison.  We published our report October 19, after which both Reporter Newspapers and CBS46 published subsequent reports on October 21 and 22, respectively.  
In the Reporter Newspapers article, Morrison said "a report on the blog Tomorrow’s News Today suggesting the store will be another Tokyo Valentino is incorrect."  Morrison told the publication that the Sandy Springs venture would be a new store called "Dancer's Elite Wear," which would sell clothing, shoes and other accessories.   

“The store opening in Sandy Springs is not Tokyo Valentino,” Morrison said in a written message. “The story that ran in that online magazine was completely incorrect, showing a lack of competence in reporting.”

Interestingly, the very next day, Morrison told CBS46 a completely different story

When CBS46 spoke with Morrison, he said the store was, in fact, going to be a Tokyo Valentino, which is an adult store with other locations around the metro area.  He also said that they would be selling adult novelty items, but the store will remain in compliance with the city code.

ToNeTo Atlanta is based not far from the business, and we never saw any signage (temporary or otherwise) for Dancer's Elite Wear installed, but did this past weekend notice that the store is displaying permanent Tokyo Valentino signage.  

Have you been into this new business?  Do you think this business is well suited for the Sandy Springs community?  What type of business do you feel is lacking in Sandy Springs?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Unknown said...

So no soft opening?

Anonymous said...

Its Roswell Rd, not Rodeo Drive. It will have plenty of business as these stores usually do... wherever they're located.

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