Tuesday, January 21, 2020

[CLOSURE ALERT] Atlantic Seafood Company "Cuts Bait" After Nearly Two Decades

Atlantic Seafood Company near North Point Mall in Alpharetta has closed. There was reportedly no advance warning of the closure which took place Monday with the company having renewed its registration for 2020 with the Georgia Secretary of State's office.  First opened in 2002, the upscale seafood restaurant was located at 2345 Mansell Road.
Confirmation of the closure came via OpenTable, where the restaurant updated its description:

"Atlantic Seafood Company is officially Closed. Thank you for your years of patronage."

The restaurant received a score of 77 on a January 14 health inspection by the Georgia Department of Public Health.  The score, which equaled a "C," represented a further regression from the 83 (B) and 90 (A) the restaurant received on July 8 and January 15, 2019 respectively.  Among the violations noted in the most recent inspection was the observation of "black mold like substance inside the silver ice machine in the main kitchen,"  "small flying insects in the sushi area and in the main kitchen area," and the display of the outdated 90 inspection rather than the more recent 83 score.

With some restaurants receiving inspection scores much lower, and subsequently reopening, it's perplexing to see the restaurant seemingly throw in the towel.

The restaurant occupied a roughly 8,700 square foot freestanding building on nearly two acres just off Exit 8 of GA 400.

In 2003, Atlantic Seafood was a the scene of the contentious arrest of Bobby Brown, ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, with whom he was at dinner.

Atlantic Seafood is at least the second restaurant to close in the North Point area in the past year, following the late July 2019 closure of Fuddruckers at 6360 North Point Parkway.

Despite the closures and the perception that "malls are dying," interest in the North Point area remains strong.

A new Studio Movie Grill is backfilling the former AMC Theatres on North Point Parkway.   ToNeTo Atlanta reported November 21 that Buffalo Wild Wings plans to relocate their existing North Point area restaurant to a site close to the mall.  Additionally, ToNeTo Atlanta reported November 27 that Chick-fil-A plans to "scrape & rebuild" their existing North Point Parkway restaurant.  Planning documents indicate that the replacement restaurant will be nearly 7,900 square feet, or 77 percent bigger than it is now.  

Are you surprised that Atlantic Seafood Company closed in Alpharetta?  What would you like to see open in place of Atlantic Seafood?  What is your favorite Alpharetta area restaurant?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

We used to eat there after it opened in 2002 until around 2013 when we moved out of the area. The food was always good as was the atmosphere and service. Many of the original sit down dinner places in that area have now all closed. I think it’s part of the shift in eating patterns away from the more expensive restaurants and a lot more overall competition for customer dollars. In this type of restaurant you will spend around $25+ per person depending on any drinks added and people today don’t visit this type of place nearly as often as they used to.

Alex said...

Is it just me or does the name, sign, and building's appearance make it look more like a seafood distributor for restaurants and markets than as an actual restaurant?

Tommy said...

What a shame! We have been going to Atlantic Seafood consistently for the last 15 years. Definitely one of the better sushi restaurants in the Alpharetta area.

Oh well, 18 years is a good run in the restaurant business.
Hopefully, we will get another seafood option in its place.

Anonymous said...

The quality and attitudes of employees had significantly declined over the past few visits....always a bad scenario for food service. customers notice these things and so do inspectors! gnowhaimsayin?

atlcarly said...

Long time fan but honestly this doesn't surprise me. They did not evolve as the market has changed.

love tigers said...

We used to love eating here, but in recent years it felt depressing, outdated, and grimy, and in much need of a "refresh". The food quality wasn't as good either.

Anonymous said...

I alwats thought so too

BigRedDogATL said...

Not surprised it has closed. It was too expensive for what you received and the location is not the current "in vogue" areas.

JFIEB said...


JFIEB said...

Was my favorite restaurant but last time I went there I was served a rubbery piece of fish which I had to send back. Was always perfect food until then. Still, I’m shocked and sad that it closed.

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