Tuesday, January 21, 2020

[UPDATE] Freddy's to Ascend The Throne in East Cobb

While a redevelopment of Sprayberry Crossing shopping center in East Cobb remains in the works, at least one outparcel will soon see new life.  The freestanding former Burger King restaurant at 2716 Sandy Plains Road will soon be renovated to make way for a new Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.  The former Burger King has remained vacant following the restaurant's abrupt closure last April after more than 35 years in business.  

Based in Wichita, Kansas, Freddy's currently has twelve locations open in Georgia with additional units coming soon to Cumming and Fayetteville.  The menu at Freddy's is not unlike that of fellow steakburger eateries such as Culver's and Steak 'n Shake with assorted steakburgers, fries, dogs, cheese Curds,  and concretes made from frozen custard.  

The new Freddy's in East Cobb will be the chain's third in Cobb county, joining existing locations on Ernest Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw and on Dallas Highway in West Cobb. 

The roughly 2,600 square foot former Burger King building will be renovated for Freddy's, the first time in Georgia the company will have converted rather than constructed a new restaurant.  

Franchisee Jason Ingermanson owns the nine Freddy's in metro Atlanta. Ingermanson is also behind the upcoming openings in Cumming, Fayetteville, and East Cobb.  

A Freddy's spokesperson supplied ToNeTo Atlanta with the following comments regarding when the restaurant could open and why Sandy Plains was chosen:

"We’re currently working through the permitting phase and hope to have a formal development timeline to announce in the coming weeks. The family-friendly atmosphere surrounding Sandy Plains, as well as the close proximity to many different retail businesses and restaurants, makes the area a great next stop for Freddy’s.” 

Are you excited for the opening of Freddy's in East Cobb?  What other types of shops or restaurants would you like to see open as part of the Sprayberry Crossing redevelopment?  What is your favorite quick serve burger restaurant?  

Please share your thoughts below.


Greenwave said...

Whoever decides to stop being cowards and open up a location in the actual city limits of Atlanta is going to make some serious money. Whether its Freddy's or Culvers. Zaxby's were cowards too until they finally opened up a location in Atlanta.

Alex said...

Avoiding high taxes, high crime, and a dysfunctional/incompetent city government isn't cowardly. It's a smart business decision.

Anonymous said...

@ greenwave....people are very tired of the “youth and teens” crime , and substandard workplace antics in Atlanta...law enforcement is also continuously hobbled by heavily biased ‘politicians’ that claim enforcing the law is ....well, you know.

Anonymous said...

@ Alex & Anonymous...okay, boomers.

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait! freddy's is the best hamburger ever! This location will be one of their most successful in the entire chain. Come on ... get started!

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