Thursday, March 12, 2020

[ON THE MOVE] Gluten-Free Eatery KarmaFarm Finds New Home in Buckhead

After warning last week of an impending closure, gluten-free eatery KarmaFarm early Wednesday evening closed its original location on Pharr Road in Buckhead.  In a simultaneous move, the owners - husband and wife Scott and McCall Wilder - announced they would reopen in a new, but familiar location nearby, potentially as soon as Friday, March 13.  
The "OG" KarmaFarm 
The restaurant - which claims to be "America's first certified Gluten-Free fast casual restaurant" -  first opened in December 2018 in a space at 54 Pharr Road that was for many years Sophie's Uptown, a casual, pet friendly cafe.  Karma Daisy, the couple's separate, adjacent concept, closed last year and was subsequently replaced by Four Fat Cows, a local gourmet ice cream shop.  

The new KarmaFarm location, 308 Pharr Road, is less than a half mile away from its original home.  In their new location, KarmaFarm replaces King Barbecue at Savi Provisions.  King Barbecue closed at Avalon in Alpharetta at the end of 2018 and reopened at Savi Provisions in Buckhead in early 2019.  The barbecue eatery, described as "the love-child of chefs Shaun Doty, Lance Gummere and Anthony Rivers," reportedly closed last week without warning or explanation.  

In their new home, KarmaFarm will make use of the Savi Provisions drive-thru, first used by original restaurant occupant Jittery Joe's Coffee.  KarmaFarm specializes in gluten-free, dairy-free, whole nut-free, local, organic and sustainable food.  The restaurant is open everyday but Sunday.  

Have you ever been to KarmaFarm?  Are you surprised to learn of King Barbecue's closure?  What is your favorite restaurant for gluten-free dining in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

The Jittery Joe's drive thru is still open for coffee though, right?
I ate at Karma Farm once and just thought it was ok.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the most overpriced and undervalued dining experiences I've had in this town- and I felt pressured (by the owner) into buying my mediocre $20 lunch that was billed as gluten-free and organic, free-range, heritage, (and however else the food was identifying as of that particular moment in time) etc. I'm quite sure that those portrayals were 100% accurate- so this isn't about the accuracy and authenticity of the offering. It's just not good and it is overpriced.

Anonymous said...

another grossly ill-equipped and inexperienced wannabe restaurateur not knowing how to run a successful operation.

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