Sunday, September 20, 2020

[BARGAIN BUMMER] Bargain Hunt To Bail on Douglasville

In a surprise pandemic era move, a discount store in Douglasville is closing.  Bargain Hunt, purveyor of overstock, discontinued, damaged and other excess merchandise will close their five year old store on Douglas Boulevard in Market Square, not far from Arbor Place Mall. The store, which opened in August 2015, is one of more than a dozen that parent company Essex Bargain Hunt operates in Georgia.

When Bargain Hunt first came to Georgia their pricing worked like Filene's Basement and other discount stores once worked, where the longer the merchandise sat, the cheaper it became, in accordance with a set schedule of markdowns.  About two years ago the store switched its pricing format to a more simplified structure where prices did not go down with any rhyme or reason and were instead more standardized while still delivering some initial savings.  

The Douglasville store is currently offering 10% off all in-stock merchandise, reportedly with plans to up the discount another 10% off in a week or so and continue to increase the discount as their October 15 closure date approaches.  

When Bargain Hunt opened in Douglasville, it replaced Office Depot.  The siteplan for Market Square shopping center indicates that Atlanta-based Aaron's will open in place of Bargain Hunt once they close.  Following its Douglasville closure, Bargain Hunt will remain open across Georgia in such cities as Kennesaw, Griffin, Fayetteville and Rome, among others.  

Bonus Bit - Bed Bath & Beyond announced Friday the first 63 of a planned 200 stores it will close over the next two years.  The list includes just one Atlanta area store - 6680 Douglas Boulevard - a first level store at Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville.  

Are you surprised to see Bargain Hunt closing in Douglasville?  Have you ever been to a Bargain Hunt?  What is your favorite "deal" store in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  

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Anonymous said...

I am not really surprised. Bargain Hunt started out great, but the constant changes became annoying. It seemed like as soon I got used to the new way of pricing, it changed again, and again, and again. I finally just gave up and only shopped there when I was in the area. Still sorry to see another business leave Douglasville.

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