Wednesday, February 3, 2021

[EXCLUSIVE] Big Box Retail Liquidation Store "Slides" in Roswell Shopping Center

A new kind of retail store has opened in metro Atlanta.  Sliding Prices, an independent store opened by an eCommerce entrepreneur turned brick & mortar business person, opened last month in a suburban shopping center. The roughly 7,000 square foot store is located in the Movie Tavern-anchored Sandy Plains Village shopping center near the intersection of Mabry and Woodstock Roads (Highway 92) in Roswell.  Sliding Prices occupies a onetime Blockbuster Video adjacent to a onetime Kroger that will later this spring open as metro Atlanta's second Painted Tree Marketplace.  

The premise at Sliding Prices is fairly simple: the prices literally "slide," or get lower, as the week progresses.  The store purchases gaylords (large boxes) full of overstock/returned/seasonal merchandise from various retailers and sells it "as is" at flat prices.  The products range from personal care items to electronics, food, clothing, bedding, accessories, toys and tools.  Most items are new, repackaged, returned or otherwise not "perfect," but still usable.    

At Sliding Prices, all merchandise is $10 on Friday, $8 on Saturday, $5 on Sunday, $3 on Monday, $1 on Tuesday and 50 cents on Wednesday.  The store is closed on Thursday to restock for the upcoming cycle.  

The store follows a model similar to Lebanon, Tennessee-based Gimme a $5, which has eleven locations including one in Dalton, Georgia, with a twelfth coming soon to Owensboro, Kentucky.  At Gimme a $5, however, on the most expensive day, as the name suggests, merchandise is only $5, and gets cheaper from there.  

Crazy Cazboy's, started by former Zo√ęs Kitchen CEO John Cassimus, opened its first store in the Birmingham, Alabama suburb of Homewood in 2019.  In the years since, Crazy Cazboy's has grown to include locations in Guntersville and Hoover, Alabama, as well outposts in Columbia, South Carolina and Pensacola, Florida.  New locations in Auburn and Arlington, Texas are slated to open in the coming months. The store has seen a wave of interest and enthusiasm after a customer's video on the popular social media site TikTok went viral this past fall, and has since been viewed nearly 12 million times! 

Cazboy's offers their merchandise for $7 on Fridays, $5 Saturdays, $3 Sunday, $2 Monday, $1 Tuesday before getting to 25 cents on Wednesdays!  Like the other stores, they are closed on Thursdays to restock.  This past November,  Cassimus introduced a membership program whereby it is free to browse the store, but to buy merchandise, at least one person in the shopping party must be part of the program.  As with Costco, the $15 yearly membership cost is meant to supplement the store's revenue while allowing it to continue to offer savings to customers.  The store also offers a daily shopping pass for $5.  

Gimme A $5 and Crazy Cazboy's are just two examples of the growing off-price "bin industry." Other operators include Bins Galore in Cumming, Crazy Dealz in Lawrenceville, Black Friday Deals in Columbus and Bintime, with stores in Mauldin and Anderson, South Carolina.  There are no doubt many other independent operators that have popped up in recent months given both the low barriers to entry [basically anyone can order gaylords here] and the value proposition for the customer.  

Think of bin stores as a cross between Big Lots/Ollie's Bargain Outlet and Dirt Cheap/Bargain Hunt, with nothing individually priced, everything scattered, and little organization.  The concept is a treasure hunter's dream and likely an organized, OCD person's nightmare.    

Have you ever been to a "bin" store?  If so, what has been your best find?  Where would you like to see Sliding Prices or a similar liquidation style store open next?

Please share your thoughts below.  

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Anonymous said...

I was at sliding prices today (Friday). It's a hot mess. The items in the wooden bin are $10. Items in the corner we're price higher. Example College refrigerators, vacuum, airfryer, bedding Etc. Some food items that were getting ready to expire was cheaper than $10. Example they had kind granola /nut bars for $2 a box or a box of 8 for $10. A big bottle of knorr instant chicken booth was $2. it is a hit or miss store for sure. The male employee was very nice and helpful. I will still drop by and see what they have in the future. Gimme A $5 has better merchandise and is better priced.

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