Thursday, October 7, 2021

[PHOTOS] Progress Being Made at Several Upcoming Alpharetta Eateries

ToNeTo Atlanta has reported in months past about several new restaurants planned for Alpharetta.  Among the new eateries are a first-of-its-kind in Georgia Shake Shack with drive-thru, metro Atlanta's first Surcheros, a growing burrito chain, a new and bigger Chick-fil-A on North Point Parkway, and Atlanta's first Bolay, a Florida-based healthy bowl eatery, among others.  While some readers might think ToNeTo Atlanta is everywhere, (which we try to be), the reality is we aren't, and we rely on our readers for tips, leads and sometimes pictures, too!  One of our loyal OTP readers, Clifford Martin, was kind enough to supply us with some "progress pics" so that we share with you the status of various Alpharetta area projects.  

Cava -10920 Haynes Bridge Road (former Zoes Kitchen) 

Washington D.C.--based Cava has over the past several months opened eight locations in metro Atlanta plus a ninth in Athens.  By the end of the year, Cava plans to open an additional five units, with the next three projected for Alpharetta, Cumberland and Cumming, according to the Cava website.  The Alpharetta restaurant is expected to open Friday, October 22.  Locations planned for Decatur and Peachtree Battle have each been delayed by procurement and permit related setbacks and are reportedly currently on track to open in November and December, respectively.  

Chick-fil-A - 6085 North Point Parkway 

ToNeTo Atlanta first reported in late 2019 on the plans for Chick-fil-A to "scrape & rebuild" their Alpharetta restaurant.  The chicken chain is replacing their former 4,446 square foot restaurant with a new 7,855 square foot restaurant, representing about a 77 percent increase in floor space.  After closing April 10, the restaurant's progress and reopening have been delayed and pushed back due to supply chain issues in getting certain materials for the construction.  With most of the exterior now complete and work well underway building out the interior, a restaurant employee tells us the new target reopening is mid-to-late November.  

Rendering of finished restaurant 

Shake Shack - 11780 Haynes Bridge Road (former Burger King) 

In February, ToNeTo Atlanta was first to report on the New York-based burger joint's plans to bring their drive-thru model to metro Atlanta. The company is well underway with a significant overhaul of the 80s era building with a Shake Shack representative telling ToNeTo Atlanta that the company is currently targeting an "early 2022" debut, pushed from a previously announced late 2021 opening.  When open, the new Shack Shack will join existing Atlanta area locations including those in Buckhead Village District in Buckhead, Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, EDGE on the Beltline in Old Fourth Ward, and a fourth unit on Concourse A at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Last year, the company abandoned plans to open in the "reimagined" Colony Square in Midtown.  

Rendering of finished restaurant 

Surcheros  - 91 South Main Street (former Hardee's) 

Douglas, Georgia-born Surcheros is making the move to the big city in a big way.  Having found success in smaller communities in Georgia such as Albany, Blackshear, Cordele, Hinesville, and Jesup, among others, company founder Luke Christian moved his business and his family to Alpharetta with plans to open the new flagship restaurant and establish a new company headquarters.  As with Shake Shack, you will have no idea the upcoming Surcheros was previously a Hardee's, given the amount of work being done to remodel the space.  Pending any unforeseen delays, Surcheros hopes to be serving the Alpharetta area in January.    

Rendering of finished restaurant 

Bolay - 10920 Haynes Bridge Road (former Corner Bakery) 

ToNeTo Atlanta first reported on south Florida-based Bolay's plans to enter the metro Atlanta area in 2019.  Although it took longer than many might have liked, we were pleased to share in July that the company had secured its first location and was actively scouting for others in metro Atlanta.  According to a Bolay representative, the company is still targeting a spring 2022 opening (hopefully April or May), and is currently hiring management for the Alpharetta outpost with potential growth as the company continues to expand in metro Atlanta. 


Anonymous said...

I have no interest in trying Cava. I really liked Zoes and hate what Cava has done to them. Purchasing them and then closing stores in order to reduce construction costs and the time to open stores stinks. I hope the original owners of Zoes buy the brand back and reopens when the Cavas close. I will not be going there.

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in trying Cava. I really like Zoes. What Cava did by buying Zoes, not giving them any backing or support, and then closing stores to open Cavas in their place to save on leasing costs is horrible. I hope the former owners of Zoes buys the brand back and reopens in the old Zoes locations after Cava closes. Really shady way of doing business and I will not eat there.

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in eating at Cava after the way they treated Zoes after purchasing them. Only bought them for their real estate and spent no money on keeping Zoes going. Hopefully the former Zoes owner will buy the brand back after the Cavas close and they can go back in the same locations. No interest in even trying Cava.

Anonymous said...

Methinks that the three different anonymous commenters above are one disgruntled former employee of Zoes.

Anonymous said...

Apparently anonymous is not a fan of Cava.

Anonymous said...

I screwed up and posted the same thing multiple times after not seeing them post. No a former employee of Zoes, just a big fan of their food and, particularly, their family packs. Cava bought them basically for their real estate, but didn't say that when they bought them. If they had left Zoes open and opened Cavas as well, fine. But to buy a good chain with a national foot print and then close stores to reopen as another brand just stinks. I'm all about Greek and Mediterranean food, but I won't be going to Cavas and hope the ones near me close and they reopen as Zoes again.

Sorry for the confusion on the multiple posts.

Anonymous said...

Zoe's does not have a national footprint and they knew Cava wanted their real estate when the sold to them. Stop trying to paint Cava as some dirty tricksters who screwed over Zoe's, they didn't. Zoe's didn't have to sell but chose to still. Don't like it? Blame Zoe's.

Unknown said...

I really liked zoes.... :(

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