Tuesday, May 3, 2022

[CLOSURE ALERT] Popular Smyrna Eatery to Shutter this Week

A longtime Smyrna establishment will close this week after nearly five decades in business.  Ken's Corner Grill, located at 2934 Atlanta Road just off Spring Road, is slated to close May 7.  The restaurant, which pre-pandemic was open 24/7, continues to serve classic comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but with slightly more "normal hours."  Opened in 1973 as a Huddle House franchise, owner Ken Johnson subsequently renamed the business "Ken's Corner Grill." 

Ken's, which proudly announces to passersby that it's "Your Hometown Place," will no doubt be missed by the Smyrna area community, and the city's mayor, Derek Norton, wants to make sure it's not forgotten.  In a Facebook post Tuesday, The City of Smyrna noted that at the Monday, May 2 Council Meeting, a proclamation was presented to Ken's Corner Grill in recognition of its 49 years of service in Smyrna. 

The owners of Ken's are retiring with several rumors floating around regarding the fate of the Ken's property including the possibility that it may become a medical facility.  Cobb County property records indicate that the Ken's building is 2,174 square feet and sits on .4 acres.  

Smyrna area residents looking for a nearby and casual breakfast or lunch are encouraged to support 1911 Biscuits & Burgers on South Cobb Drive, a locally owned eatery which opened at the end of 2020 about a mile away from Ken's.  

What is your fondest memory of Ken's?  What is your favorite locally owned restaurant in Smyrna?  What kind of restaurant would you most like to see open in Smyrna?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

best coffee in smyrna !!!

Anonymous said...

This really was our hometown place. It fed not only the best of the community, especially our first responders, and even the folks in the Smyrna jail ate it as well over the years.

Sundays full of family and friends. A place where everyone knows your name. The jukebox always ready for quarters. Watch yoir meal being prepared.

I was super grateful when it went non-smoking. I had some of the best moments with some of the best people at Ken's.

A quick drive up the road for a bite, anytime of day or night.

The Battery, then covid may have killed Ken's.

Allan W said...

Very sad, but happy for the retiring owners who I'm sure deserve a great retirement. And yes, highly recommend 1911 on South Cobb Dr!

Craig Barfield said...

It wasnt the Battery or covid that killed Ken's. Ken is in his 80's and had a heart attack. His kids didnt want to run it so he sold it. He's doing ok but he's tired.

Kate Phillips said...

The food was always good, and the people always knew who you were, even if you hadn’t been there in a while. Love that place, I’ll miss it.

Anonymous said...

My fondest memory was when it was a Waffle House 20 years ago. Not sure where 5 decades of Ken’s comes in, maybe the owners owned the property that long

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the food and meeting my father there on Sunday breakfast. I was sad to see I could not meet my father there last Sunday for breakfast. They had great food and hospitality. I wish they were still open😢

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what they did the business? Interested in leasing the property.

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