Friday, June 10, 2022

[CLOSURE ALERT] Popular Tucker Area Eatery to Shutter

Tucker area breakfast and lunch spot The Little Farmhouse Cafe is closing.  In an "Important Announcement" Friday afternoon on its official facebook page, the restaurant revealed that it will close at the completion of service on Sunday June 19, Father's Day. Chef Chris Morrison, along with his wife Angie first opened MRDfoods, a catering company, along Presidential Parkway near Spaghetti Junction at PREP, a commercial kitchen facility.   

As the catering company quickly grew, a small cafe was added in early 2018, which lead to the expansion of The Little Farmhouse Cafe into a full-service restaurant and bar that opened in December 2019.

"The Little Farmhouse Cafe is shifting gears and will soon be merging with our original catering company, MRDfoods. We have chosen to close the Cafe and focus our efforts on full-time catering services. There are some amazing opportunities on the horizon and it has become clear that this is the best direction for our family and company at this time. We would love you to join us in celebration of a beautiful place that we all built together. The restaurant will be open for our regular hours until its last day of service, which is Sunday, June 19th, Father's Day."  

ToNeTo Atlanta found The Little Farmhouse Cafe to have some of the best biscuits in the city and it will always be memorable to us for the time we visited and overheard a patron request a "virgin mimosa," to which the employee responded in the most pleasant way possible "so you'd like orange juice?" 

Angie, who in addition to her involvement in MRDfoods and The Little Farmhouse Cafe, is a film and television location scout, and may be looking to use that industry connection to support the catering business. 

MRDfoods will continue to operate from their existing location at 3781 Presidential Parkway Suite FP 309 and will soon make their restaurant space available to rent for private chef dinners, brunches, and special events. 

The announcement added:

"We want to thank you all for supporting us through the toughest of times…and the most joyful of times...THANK YOU for your appreciation, patronage, shout outs, sharing, and constant outpouring of LOVE and encouragement. It is because of this community that The Little Farmhouse Cafe has persevered and become a very special place that we will always remember it to be. ♥️   

With Love & Gratitude, Chris & Angie Morrison 

To Be Continued…"  

Have you been to The Little Farmhouse Cafe?  Where in Atlanta do you think the best biscuits are?  What is your favorite restaurant at PREP?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Unknown said...

It's Doraville.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's unincorporated Dekalb County. Might be a Doraville mailing address.

Anonymous said...

unincorporated Dekalb. On the other side of i85, it is city of Doraville. So these folks probably identify as ethnic Doravillians, definitely not Tuckerites (which is further away of course). This is also 30340, which only goes with 'Atlanta' or 'Doraville' when mailing things.

Skrybe said...

I vote we let Doravillians and Chambleeans (Chambleeites?) fight it out for the spot.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had known about them sooner! The best biscuits in town would have probably had my husband visiting every day. That's not actually Tucker, though. A Tucker location would have probably done very well.

Anonymous said...

Not even close to Tucker. Presidential Parkway is Unincorporated DeKalb with an Atlanta address. There is a Prep (Prep Lakeside) that is in Tucker. It’s on Lakeside Pkwy.

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