Sunday, September 4, 2022

[EXCLUSIVE] Popular Midtown Mediterranean Restaurant Closes, Reopening Bigger & Bolder in 2023

Nearly two years after we first revealed plans for Cafe Agora Midtown to close and expand, things are taking shape.  Dinner service on September 3 marked the final day in business for ten year old Cafe Agora Midtown (92 Peachtree Place) before it expands, renovates and reopens in 2023. 

When it does reopen, the new restaurant, which will be known simply as "Agora Midtown," will feature a charcoal oven producing, among other things, fresh made pita bread.  

Several factors caused the delay of the expansion, among them the work on the recently completed Commercial Row Commons plaza, a landscape and sidewalk enhancement project from Midtown Alliance that beautified the area outside the restaurant.  

Agora Midtown's next act is being led by Mehmet "Memo" Ozelci, son of restaurant founders Al and Sibel Ozelci.  Memo, who can most often be found manning the phones, tables, bar and kitchen at Agora Buckhead, tells ToNeTo Atlanta that is he looking to elevate the experience of Agora with plans to add several new Turkish dishes to both the lunch and dinner menus.  The Atlanta food scene is constantly evolving, and new restaurants are popping up all the time.  It was time, Memo said, to upgrade the Agora experience.  

The new Agora will still be two levels, but by absorbing the former Arden's Garden space next door, Agora will double in size and be better able to make use of the space in terms of seating and kitchen layout.  A charcoal oven is planned to be the focal point of the main level and will greet guests as they walk in the front door.  

As for Cafe Agora Buckhead, it will remain the same...for now.  

Are you excited for the changes planned for Agora Midtown?  What is your favorite Mediterranean dish?  What is currently your favorite Midtown restaurant?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Agora in Buckhead has some very interesting and flavorful interpretations of Mediterranean classics. It is worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Food has always been fantastic at the Midtown location. The indoor dining experience . . . not so much! Looking forward to the improvements.

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