Friday, October 21, 2022

[ON THE MOVE] Popular Westside Pub to "Move" to Cheshire Bridge

The owners of Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House plan to "move" their popular West Midtown pub nearly six miles away to 1824 Cheshire Bridge Road.  The new Six Feet Under will replace ROXX Tavern which "temporarily" closed this past December but never reopened.  The roughly 4,600 foot restaurant that Dean Chronopoulos opened as ROXX in 2000 was originally built as a McDonald's.  The Golden Arches moved to their current home at 2350 Cheshire Bridge Road in 1999.  

ToNeTo Atlanta was first alerted to Six Feet Under's involvement at the former ROXX site in July but while some site work had taken place, no permits had been filed with the City of Atlanta.  On October 20, however, that changed when a permit for "demolition of select non load bearing partitions" was filed with the city with an expected cost of $15,000.  

Husband and wife Tad and Nancy Mitchell opened the original Six Feet Under along Memorial Drive across from historic Oakland Cemetary in 2002.  The Mitchells opened their Westside location at 685 11th Street in 2007.  In October 2008, the original location relocated from 415 to 437 Memorial Drive, basically a minute away.  (The original Six Feet Under reopened in early 2009 as the second location of local chain Tin Lizzy's Cantina.)  

Urbanize Atlanta reported in August that the current Westside Six Feet Under, as well as several adjacent parcels, were being marketed for sale as the "last prime development opportunity in west midtown."  An LLC associated with the owners of Six Feet Under purchased the roughly half acre property that houses the Westside restaurant in 2006 for $1.2 million.  

The Westside Six Feet Under is known for its rooftop patio with views of Atlanta's skyline.  The Cheshire Bridge building does feature a large patio but will not provide the views of the Westside (or Grant Park) outposts.  

A separate LLC associated with the owners of Six Feet Under purchased the roughly .64 acre Cheshire Bridge property for $3.7 million this past June.  

After being closed for more than a year, a bridge over South Fork Peachtree Creek, about a half mile from the upcoming Cheshire Bridge Six Feet Under, is slated to reopen (one lane in each direction) October 31.  Pending permitting and supply chain challenges, the new Cheshire Bridge Six Feet Under is slated to open around mid-2023.  

Are you sad to hear ROXX has closed for good?  Are you a fan of Six Feet Under?  ARE YOU THRILLED TO HEAR CHESHIRE BRIDGE ROAD WILL SOON REOPEN?!

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

I hope the new restaurant will make the patio a better place to eat. Roxy’s owner let that go for a long time and that was why a lot of people did not eat there anymore. Looking forward to a better place to dine for all!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to hear that Roxx is officially gone.

When my wife and I returned to Atlanta in 2009 and were looking for someplace to go after work at the end of the week, we found Roxx. The piece described Roxx as "gay-friendly," and it certainly was. But the vibe at Roxx was inclusive and welcoming to everybody. Their Sunday brunches were the best, and you would see people, couples and families of every stripe.

Unfortunately the quality of Roxx started to slip when the manager, Adam, left to pursue other opportunities a number of years ago. Adam was excellent, and he was one of the friendliest people in the world. It was never quite the same after his departure.

My family will always have fond memories of Roxx. Before we started our family, my wife and I visited every Friday evening at the end of our work week. We ate there the day we found out my wife was pregnant, and Roxx was the first restaurant we visited with our son.

Thank you to Dean, and to Adam, and to all the staff who helped us make so many wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the bridge closure factors heavily in Roxx closing. Before the bridge closure and the destruction of Piedmont Rd, I regularly picked up pizzas at Johnny's. But with the constant road projects, hellacious gridlock everywhere, it's a lot better for my sanity to stay home. If the stars ever align and conditions are right, I will definitely check out Six Feet Under.

Anonymous said...

Well, that sucks. I like the 11th street location. It's very cool, lots of character. Convenient to me as well. If they do move, I'm not gonna bother going to the new location. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

1000% agree about Adam and Roxx. He was the backbone and the reason sooooooooo many people continued working there. I will miss Roxx tremendously. I'm so saddened a younger generation of LGBTQIA will never know a restaurant that truly catered to them just as any restaurant should.

Disneypal said...

I was really sad when Dean announced he was closing Roxx for good...we went there at least once a week. But, since it is closed, I am glad to see a good replacement restaurant going in its place.

scgirl said...

Welcoming Six Feet Under to the neighborhood -can't wait to go there again.

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