Monday, May 20, 2024

[EXCLUSIVE] Former Sandy Springs Restaurant Space Becoming New Laundromat

After playing host to at least eight restaurants over the years, one seemingly cursed Sandy Springs space will soon be home to a new laundromat.  Newly hung signage indicates "Oasis Laundromat" is coming soon to 8540 Roswell Road [Huntridge Center].  

Plant Based Pizzeria opened what was then its second overall location in the space in early 2021.  It was the most recent restaurant occupant until its August 2022 closure after less than two year in business.  

Work is currently underway to convert the 4,600 square foot former restaurant space into a new laundry facility.  

Having in recent years become somewhat familiar with the laundry business, it's often said that you stand a far better chance at succeeding if you buy an existing facility, given the time and capital investment required to build one from scratch.   

It's worth noting, too, that there are already laundry facilities in the area, including Laundry Nook (350 Northridge Road) and Access Laundry (7875 Roswell Road), among others.  

Before Plant Based Pizzeria, the center's anchor space was previously home to B Social Supper Club, CasAgave, Rock 'N' Taco, Moderna, taqueria+teatro, The Old Crow Grill & Tavern, Foxy's Sports Bar & Chop House, and Driggers Sports Grill, among other tenants. 

Do you think the laundromat will find success in the former restaurant space?  Why do you think so many restaurants have failed in the space?  What is your favorite Sandy Springs area restaurant? 

Please share your thoughts below.   


Anonymous said...

Diggers used to be the best sports bar in the area. I still miss it.

Anonymous said...

I think a laundromat is a good choice for that area. Obviously enough restaurants have tried and failed there. I used to live in the area 25 years ago and it was such a fun place to be. Several good bars and restaurants to walk to and some great apartment complexes. Diggers was one of the best sports bars. Miss those times.

David Davis said...

Every restaurant has failed because they were all niche restaurants with menus that just didn’t appeal to a broad clientele. I had no idea what Plant-based pizza is and, like everyone else apparently, I never bothered to find out.

Alex said...

Just saying "Plant Based Pizza" makes me laugh. It's meme-like.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They should serve beer and food there so you can eat and catch a buzz while you watch the bras, panties and jock straps swirl round and round…..

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