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[ACTION!] Famed Director Francis Ford Coppola to Open "All-Movie Hotel" in Georgia

Academy Award winning director turned hotelier Francis Ford Coppola has unveiled the latest concept in his travel portfolio, the All-Movie Hotel, located in Peachtree City.  Originally a Days Inn Motel, the circa 1998 property has been remodeled by The Godfather director with post-production in mind.  

What was once a dated 51 room motel is now 27 rooms and suites designed by Coppola with features such as a state-of-the-art production facility with two editing suites with laser projection and Meyer Sound 2.1 monitoring, two edit bays, offices, an ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) recording room, a dedicated technical support staff, fitting rooms and a conference room, among other amenities. The hotel also offers guests a 30 seat screening room. Worth noting, too, is the All-Movie Hotel is just over one mile from Atlanta Regional Airport - Falcon Field (FFC).  

Georgia, aka "Y'allywood," has become a production mecca for the film and television industry, having generated more than $4 billion in the state in 2023.  Peachtree City, about 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, is only about 15 minutes from Trilith Studios where numerous Marvel projects have shot.  The hotel is also about five minutes from The Avenue Peachtree City, a popular lifestyle center that has in recent months debuted new locations of Beignets & Brew and HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern and will soon welcome 9292 Korean BBQ.  

Coppola said he was inspired while filming his latest project “Megalopolis” (due out Sept. 27) at Trilith and wanted to create something that offered hospitality and the functionality needed to make films on any scale. “When I didn’t want to think about the movie, I would think about this hotel, and when I didn’t want to think about the hotel, I’d think about the movie,” Coppola told Variety.  

Fayette County tax records indicate that All-Movie LLC purchased the 2.33 acre property (976 Crosstown Drive) in August 2022 for $4.35M.  Prior to that, the hotel had most recently sold in December 2018 for $4.07M.  

Coppola, 85, spent over 16 months in Peachtree City and conducted all of his post-production at the hotel and even did some re-shoots for “Megalopolis” there. 

The hotel features several standard room types including one with bunk beds.  The suites - of which are there are six types - each carry standard names save for the Francis Ford Coppola Suite and the Japanese Suite.  

"His suite features Restoration Hardware furnishings including a large sofa and two velvet upholstered directors' chairs in the comfortable living room, a desk, a queen-sized bed with Frette linens, a dining table, and a full kitchenette including a bar, sink, retro-style full size refrigerator, induction two burner stove top, microwave, and dishwasher. Entertainment amenities include an ultra-luxe cinema screen with projector for private in-suite movie watching. A Francis Ford Coppola designed luxury bathroom suite with beautiful tile floors, private entry to two separate and personal bathroom/vanity spaces where couples can meet in the middle in the dual shower head expansive shower."

"The ideal choice for either families or friends wishing to share a suite, the Japanese suite features two queen-sized beds, one and one half contemporary tiled bathrooms, a charming seating area, and our signature kitchenette with sink, a retro style mini-fridge, and microwave. This suite celebrates Japanese filmmaking history with hand-selected cinematic art, and the typical shoji screens to privatize each of the bedrooms." 

The All-Movie Hotel is the first U.S. property for the group and joins The Family Coppola Hideaways located in Belize (3), Guatemala, Argentina and Italy.  Coppola's first hotel, "Blancaneaux Lodge," opened in Belize in 1993.  

The hotel is open to the public but its size and proximity to Trilith, could make it an appealing "buyout" target for productions seeking privacy and convenience when filming.  Reservations are not yet being taken for the hotel.  Availability and rates are expected in the coming days, according to a hotel spokesperson.  The All-Movie Hotel is slated to open to the public July 25.

Do you plan to visit the All-Movie Hotel?  What of the listed hotel amenities did you find most appealing?  What is your all-time favorite hotel brand or property?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

This project, or whatever it is, is just like the rest of the film industry in Georgia. It doesn't benefit me one iota. That industry keeps getting tax breaks galore while my taxes go up at astronomical proportions.
My favorite hotel chain is Hilton, only because I have credit card that gives me Hilton points. Outside of that, they are all the same.

Anonymous said...

People believe what they want to believe. I believe the film industry doesn’t benefit you one iota. I don’t believe your taxes have gone up astronomically. Unless of course your income has

Anonymous said...

I like Marriut.

Anonymous said...

And the best part: the movie titles won't appear on the bill.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it seems disorganized and convoluted in concept. I wonder if the locations in these other destinations are making money? Or are they surviving on the fumes of stardom?

RayAtL said...

Hey whiney anonymous guy,
Any tax breaks that the movie industry has received in the past have slowed down substantially thanks to the republican government that you vote in for Georgia.
If your taxes have gone up at all then you can also thank the Republicans that you vote for.
Now go back to “Truth” social and whine to your brethren because we’re not buying what you’re selling.

Anonymous said...

Georgians do just fine with taxes under the republican government.

The state operates with a surplus and actually refunds some of that extra money to the taxpayers. That would never happen under a Dem governor. Its deficit and more taxes.

Anonymous said...

So then why complain about rising taxes? You say your taxes went up because of the movie business then you say there is a surplus and taxes are fine. Which is it? One’s a lie and one’s not.

Anonymous said...

What an idiotic and misinformed comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this out and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing!

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