Wednesday, May 21, 2008

XDC Motor Sports Relocating To...Phipps???

XDC Motor Sports, currently located across from Landmark Diner on Cheshire Bride and formerly known as 404 Customs is apparently adding a second location. The 2nd level at Phipps Plaza seems to be a bit of an odd choice though. Located between The Sharper Image and The American Cafe, the wall reads "XDC Opening Soon". I would guess they hope to attract and take orders from the affluent shoppers of Phipps Plaza and but do all actual work at their streetside, Cheshire Bride location. Expect to see this store open by early to mid June.


kennethdisraili said...

Now what is marketing director Tisha Melay thinking of?

I just don't know if this one will last, but on the other hand, it's nice to see the carved up former Uncle Tai's finally leased out.

xdcmotorsports said...

XDC Motor Sports is opening a new location at Phipps Plaza in July 2008. We will continue to serve all of our customers at the Cheshire Bridge Location. To clarify XDC Motor Sports was established in 2005. There is no other association with any other prior business before XDC Motor Sports conception. If there is any questions please contact at

ProShop99 said...

XDC is closed @ Phipps but now does car washes in the valet lot next to the former Clubhouse restaurant at Lenox.