Monday, January 5, 2009

Taurus Restaurant Closes

Not a great way to start the new year as Gary Mennie has closed his SoBu restaurant, Taurus. Closed as of December 31, the restaurant was one of my favorites but had a challenging location on the second level of the Brookwood shopping center on Peachtree, across from the AMTRAK station. Shortly after opening in 2005, both Access Atlanta and Jezebel Magazine named Taurus best new restaurant and there was talk of him opening a second concept within Sembler's Town Brookhaven development, but that seems unlikely at this point. All I can say is the fact that this restaurant had to close is "bull". Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

Why did it close?

ProShop99 said...

No official word, the restaurants number simply says they are closed and that you can reach Gary by email. I'd have to guess the upper level location, together with the fact that people are eating out less and the limited advertising an independent restaurant can afford may have created the perfect storm for the closure.

Anonymous said...

It closed because Atlanta does not have the disposable income to support anything but Longhorns. On a special occasion, maybe Houstons.