Thursday, February 26, 2009

Panchero's Will Stetch Your Dollar With Opening Promo

Panchero's Mexican Grill, a new entrant to the downtown dining scene hopes to entice you with opening promotion. The event will take place next Thursday, March 5th and will allow you to purchase a burrito for only a buck between 2 and 7PM. Unlike other Mexican grills like Moe's , Chipotle, Willy's etc. , Panchero's separates themselves with a burrito pressed in front of you and finishes it off mixing your ingredients with "Bob" so every bite is just as flavorful as the last. I can't tell you how cool/tasty these both are, you've got to see it / taste it to believe it! Panchero's is located beneath the TWELVE hotel and down the road from the recently opened downtown W hotel on West Peachtree. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

Panchero's originated in Ann Arbor MI, where I attended college. The burritos were fantastic- huge, tasty, and fairly cheap. I had no idea they had become a franchise until I read this. I hope (but doubt) it will be as good as the original location.

ProShop99 said...

Panchero's was founded in 1992 by Rodney Anderson when he opened two location: one in Iowa City, Iowa (near the University of Iowa campus), and one in East Lansing, Michigan (near the Michigan State University campus). Currently there are approximately 60 units throughout the US.