Thursday, June 11, 2009

Puruva It! Turkish Cuisine in Downtown Atlanta?

Steak & Ale, located in Downtown Atlanta on Andrew Young International Boulevard has been vacant for sometime now but was recently leased by Selig Enterprises Inc. Though the tenant's name is unknown at this time, he will be altering the Steak & Ale into a Mediterranean eatery of his own, serving Turkish cuisine. Sources say that this new eatery will be known as Puruva. The general contractor confirmed that renovations began June 9th and that the construction plans where drafted on a design-build basis -- designing as they go with no official plans. This eatery is a three level building that the contractor said will undergo an internal face lift. Other sources indicate that the new tenant has a an initial budget of $15,000, indicating that most of the preexisting layout will remain. Puruva has a projected opening of early September! Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

They would have to be make some sort of exterior changes. I cant imagine the location in its current state as a Turkish restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Certain to fail.