Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things Getting Sweet Downtown as Thai Gourmet Morphs Into Juicy Green

Due to what's being called a "personal emergency" by its owner, Thai Gourmet eatery on Broad Street downtown closed earlier this month. On Broad St., an area trafficked by Georgia State students most often, its possible they simply wanted to try a fresh concept. In its place the owner is opening a Juicy Green concept. Juicy Green, similar to the likes of Yogurberry, Yoforia and Pinkberry, and is locally owned with plans for expansion. Their first location in Norcross is their only location open currently as they closed their additional location in Alpharetta months ago. New plans call for the opening of the Broad Street location by late September or early October and an additional location in Virgina Highlands on Virginia Ave. in the coming months. Moving into the Highlands is a clear attempt to take on rival Yoforia in their home territory. For the record, our favorite remains Taro from Yogurberry in Buckhead. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

I work on Broad Street and I am very surprised at this. Thai Gourmet also seemed to do well and I ate there quite often.

Bruce D said...

Go Yogurberry! Taro Yogurberry with the Brian special is the best.