Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saskatoon Is Gonna Get Killed In Buckhead!

With an abundance of available real estate in metro Atlanta, a new eatery will soon open in a space with a proven track record of being a poor location for restaurants. Located at the corner of Grandview and Pharr Roads, Saskatoon, a Greenville, S.C. based restaurant serving traditional steak and seafood offerings as well as Elk, Ostrich and Venison, will be the second restaurant in the space this year and forth overall. Most recently the location was the site of Harry Bissett's failed attempt at franchising its successful eatery outside of Athens, the Buckhead location lasted a mere 5 months before closing. Spondivits expanded from their successful East Point and Lake Lanier locations to this exact site years ago but closed less than a year into business. The location at 360 Pharr Road in the lobby level of the Alexan apartments was originally built as Tib's Grill, a concept restaurant from AFC Enterprises Inc., but it never opened as the concept was abandoned. I'm not always right in my restaurant predictions but this seems out of place for the metro area and the current economy and I don't see this being a success. ToNeTo Atlanta


Jason L. Greene said...

Yes, this is a terrible location. Same goes for the new location of Hudson Grill in Midtown. Both locations, have a bad history, and should be avoided. The Saskatoon concept sounds too hokey for Buckhead. And don't forget the group from Athens, who tried this location also, and closed within a month!

Reactionary said...

This is the converse of selling sushi in Kennesaw. Parking situation is really difficult--not even valet service can keep it streamlined--and I don't know where they think they're going to get the walk-in traffic for elk, ostrich, etc. Did they do ANY demographic research for this location?

Anonymous said...

The only way they can get people in here is with free meals and even with that, the plates would be half eaten. The factory packaged food is stuck in the 80's (probably from that decade too) with 90's prices. Their asinine dinner hours didn't help either. You're in BH, lunch service is your gold mine. The worse PR promo for a restaurant as of date (read none). Money well spent. Hey, I got a bridge for sale.