Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dressed Salads, Down in Buckhead and Perimeter

While the Deathwatch does not launch until after Christmas, sadly I must announce the demise of one of its would-be members. Dressed Salads. Chef and owner Justin Smolev grew his small chain from its original location at Plaza Midtown to three locations this year, but now finds himself back to just one. At one point there was even talk of a Hong Kong location, but success of that seems unlikely at this point. Dressed Terminus opened this past January, and Perimeter Town Center followed in February. This past Thursday the Terminus location closed, and last week Perimeter Town Center ceased operations, neither location having lasted even 12 months. Am I surprised? No. Smolev's concept seemed overpriced even for Buckhead and never seemed busy in either location. F20, whose first location was in midtown Atlanta with a similar but broader range of offerings, is not doing well every day in its Sovereign location, but it's done a whole lot better than Dressed. F20 has managed to attract a solid lunch crowd but has a tougher time at night. Dressed seemed incapable of even attracting lunch diners, instead they were dependent on their delivery service to make up the covers for the day. ToNeTo Atlanta


Anonymous said...

Salads with Style...more like salads with sky high pricetags!

northernrocketmedia said...

what a shame. the salads were unique. nothing i have ever tasted before. o well.