Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Fro-Yo In Town, Menchie's Opening at Toco Hills

Encino, California based Menchie's will open its third Atlanta area location this summer at Toco Hills Promenade. Last month, I noted that Goldberg's Bagel Company & Deli would open in the former Toco Hills theater and now I've learned that Menchie's is one of a slew of new tenants planned for the redevelopment. Menchie's will open between Maddio's Pizza Joint and Top Spice. With a number of vacant storefronts, the property owner is investing in the redevelopment in hopes of luring new tenants: so far it seems to be working. While Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies just opened in the old Discount Book Shop to the left of Publix, the former Ella Guru and Foot Solutions remain vacant as do many of the smaller shops to the right, among them, the former "Da Chicago Dogs," University Spirit, and the old Jon Van Salon (which moved to the Kroger anchored "Toco Hill.") Last month, Menchie's opened franchised locations in Johns Creek and Roswell, and now Toco Hills, each owned by a different franchisee. With Yoforia and Juicy Green in VaHi, Yogurt Tap in Decatur and Sprouts Green Cafe on N. Decatur, some may see the area as saturated. Personally, I think it's a great location and it could perform quite well, given proper management. ToNeTo Atlanta

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The Anti-Gnostic said...

I think this is a smart play. That whole stretch from Toco Hills to Northlake/Tucker has some unpolished gems in it. Nice to see some old stomping grounds from my youth getting their second wind.

Atlantan99 said...

I too think this is good play. The Yogurt Tap in Decatur does well with the Emory crowd and Sprouts too in Emory Village, this should be a great addition to the neighborhood. New restaurants would also be great. Maddio's is a step above CiCi's and is just not that good. The overall revamp Edens & Avant is in the midst of should serve as a linchpin for development in the area.

SB said...

Kroger did a great job to proactively remodel their store. Now both they and Publix are the only ones in the Toco Hills plazas that look built/re-modeled since the 80's. Definitely a need for a face lift on the entire place just from the aesthetics but won't be cost effective for the owners because it wouldn't increase rents much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. A few days ago my wife and I were heading into Maddio's and noticed the gutted storefronts and the "Opening 2000" sign. We wondered what was going into the space and now we know.

Not sure how often I'll patronize a frozen yogurt shop, but then I wasn't a customer of the previous tenant, either.

On other subjects...

> I think Maddio's may have changed management or recipes. Something is different and I like it.

> Edo Japanese Steak House (in Toco) is closed.

> Quinnie's BBQ (on Lavista, not far from Toco) is closed.

> Rumor that Front Page News will open a location in the same strip center where Quinnie's was located.


Anonymous said...

Front page news pulled out a while ago. All was set for them to open and the landlord kept jerking them around. So they pretty much said forget it. They were going to go into the old village market but now there is a liquor store and yoga studio. The landlord for Vista Grove is a scuz ball frankly. Used to work over in that shopping center. He doesnt fix things the roof leaks even after them fixing it numerous times ect. If FPN does go in it will be in the rite aid but I dont think so. I will see if i can find out from a friend of mine.