Friday, April 6, 2012

5 Paces Checks In to Shane's Rib Shack in Buckhead

Shane's Rib Shack on Roswell Road in Buckhead is closed for more than "roof repairs from a recent storm."  The restaurant located between Buckhead Saloon and The Big Ketch had been open since late 2005 though it closed a few weeks ago for what at the time were called
"renovations."  I've now learned that the restaurant closed to make way for The Village Tap, a new bar and restaurant from the owners of 5 Paces Inn.

Apparently the deal has been brewing for upwards of a year but it begs the question why Shane's referred to the closure as temporary rather than just saying they were closing.  This unwillingness to be upfront and honest reminds me of the closure of Aquaknox at Terminus in 2010.  Before the restaurant closed, a server blamed the "crisis in Haiti" for not having requested menu items when in fact the restaurant had simply stopped ordering in advance of their planned closure.  The message about storm damage repairs has been posted on the Shane's website for about two weeks, at which time I don't recall their having been any extreme storms. 

Shane's is currently owned by Atlanta-based Petrus Brands.  Petrus Brand is a holding company formed after the divestment of both Shane's and Planet Smoothie by then owner Raving Brands. Shane's was started by Shane Thompson is a small shack in McDonough and last month celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Shane's was among the less impressive BBQ options in the area where long established One Star Ranch around the corner remains a favorite.  Not far down Piedmont Road, Fatt Matt's is someone of a hole in the wall itself, but makes some damn good ribs.  Given the other superior options, Shane's closure is of little surprise. 

5 Paces Inn and accompanying One Pace Over have been landmarks of the Buckhead community for over 50 years and I personally am looking forward to seeing what they have in store. Details are limited at this point but I'm told work on the building should begin within a month or so, based on the permitting process and landlord approval of a planned redesign.  Additionally, sources tell me the restaurant will feature southern influenced cuisine in a cozy atmosphere.  Basically, the ownership knows Atlantans know them for good times and great drinks, now they want to prove they can do food well too. (The ownership group does have some restaurant experience, having previously operated the Buckhead location of the Taco Stand before closing it in 2010.  It now operates as The Big Ketch, from the owners of Tin Lizzy's)

Were you a fan of Shane's or are you happy to see another crappy chain gone from Buckhead and replaced with local grub?  What menu item would you tell ownership they have to have on their menu?  Can you remember what the former Shane's was first built as?... (if so, I'd love to know)

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Anonymous said...

Shane's is some nasty food...good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I think that location is cursed. The chances of the 5paces guys making there are about 20% at best.
Not pulling against them but I will be shocked if they make it.

Mark said...

Why do you say that, Anonymous? Shanes made it there for at least 5 years, right? (I could be wrong but I think it's been there for that long)
Anyways, Shanes was poor food in a space that lacked atmosphere, and 5 paces is a well-respected bar with a great reputation for the post-grad crowd of buckhead. Seems like a great location for the people at 5P to expand. I look forward to seeing what happens!

Darin said...

Seriously, what's up with this odd method of a business closing with this whole repair ruse?

I've seen this many times in the last couple of years. You'll get a sign on the door about the place being closed for "plumbing repairs" or "renovations" and then a few weeks later there's a For Rent sign in the window.

Is there some logical reason for this? Is there some benefit to the business owner?

Anonymous said...

I don't see why you're questioning my comment when you yourself said they have poor food...?

TheJohnP said...


I think with so many businesses failing left and right over the past couple of years, if a chain closes a location, the impression could be the whole business is about to go under. So they use that as a way to keep people invested in the brand while they quietly shutter under-performing stores.

When Blockbuster started closing outlets, all the local signage had "this location only" so people wouldn't think EVERY Blockbuster was going down (still think that myself though).

At least that's my two cents.

Mark said...

Sorry, Anonymous, I was refering to the SECOND "Anonymous" Post about the site being cursed, not about the food being bad.

Amy said...

Hilarious that someone refers to Five Paces as a well respected bar - that is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

Mark said...

Amy have you ever been there on a Friday/Saturday night? It is CERTAINLY well-respected by, like I said, the post-grad crowd of buckhead. Many of the bars in that area thrive off that demographic.

Anonymous said...

5 paces is the popped-collar crowd .. they know that demo and serve it well.

It's also.. local, local, local. Most people who didn't grow up in and around Buckhead go years without hitting up 5 paces.

Cold beer and a pretty good scene for kids with trust funds. Pretty good business model if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I know the original owners (group) were not happy with the return are sales. The place was for sale almost as soon as it opened. (or so I was told) I just don't see good things in the future from what I read here. I'm not pulling against the 5p crowd but rather thinking that their (most of them) former expericnce with The Taco Stand with show that history does repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who live in the condo bldg right next to this location, we are highly concerned for our property. We already receive tons of trash and noise violations from the Buckhead Saloon. The fact that there's no indication that they've applied for a liquor liscence is suspect. We are NOT happy about this.

Anonymous said...

The condo residents who live right next to this building are not at all happy about this news.

Anonymous said...

The condo residents may not be thrilled, but a stones throw down you have Gramercy Apartments, which from my experience (I have friends there, looked into renting there, etc.) is almost 100% recent college grads and is essentially run like a post college dorm. Having a 5Paces run restaurant (and even better, something similar to Big Ketch) so close is feeding right into what that area thrives on. Big Ketch regularly has hour+ waits on weekend nights, Buckhead Saloon's food sales do surprisingly well, and yet another bar is squeezing into the new Buckhead between Dive Bar and Red Door. I'm sure whatever they put in there will be packed the first weekend out. Bonus Points if they open something that serves food late night (you can bet that post bar crowd will be in heaven).

The weirdest part about this for my friends(late 20s) is that we experienced and miss the old Buckhead - CJs Landing, Makos, etc. - and are seeing it rise again, just younger and a couple blocks away.

Anonymous said...

Shane's had decent food at a good price. I'm sorry it closed.