Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is Savi Savvy to Take its Urban Market Suburban

Savi Urban Market is looking at opening its fourth location, this one in Vinings Jubilee.

The market plans to open in the former Limetree boutique, taking additional space around it as well, making a total space of about 6,200 square feet.  (Limetree grew from a single location on LaVista Road to a 6+ unit chain, but today only operates their original LaVista location.)

Savi's first store opened on Elizabeth Street in Inman Park in the fall of 2009.  A second location opened on Dresden Drive in Brookhaven in late 2011, and most recently, a third location opened at Tuxedo Festival in North Buckhead, at Piedmont and Roswell Roads.  The Buckhead location is the largest to date for the growing chain, and is not yet open 100%. When complete, the Buckhead location will feature hundreds of beers, wines and spirits in addition to a tasting room, juice bar, cheese wall, assorted chocolates, coffee and other gourmet food options.  As of now, all that is open is the beer, wine & spirits market.  Sources tell me that the tasting room should open by early April with the gourmet foods market still "a few months away."

Savi's offerings seem to be a cross between Alon's and the much loved Eatzi's.

Clearly the Vinings location will be on the small side, and it remains unknown what the location will carry or when it will open.  In addition to the Buckhead completion, Savi creator Paul Nair plans to build a new, two story replacement to his current Brookhaven location in front of the existing store.  The sketches for the store have been posted in the Brookhaven shop for months, but the timeline for the new store opening is up in the air.

These current store plans are in addition to stores in Emory and Midtown listed as "Coming Soon" on the company website.  

Is Savi growing too fast?  Will Savi Buckhead fail because of parking limitations?  Is Savi a great addition to the Vinings area?

Please weigh in below and share your thoughts.


John Stoj said...

It is almost impossible to park in Tuxedo Festival at times now. I actively avoid the place around lunch. When Savi opens completely, who knows? Also, tough to beat other excellent wine shops close by.

Anonymous said...

The manager of the Bhaven location told us they were making no money. Wonder how that renovation will happen?

Anonymous said...

Their first mistake is going into Tuxedo Festival. The parking there is worse than any retail center in Buckhead. I used to bank at that Regions, but no longer due because of the parking. I actually changed banks because of the parking situation, it is that bad.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the parking situation. As soon I saw they were opening there, I thought, "what are they thinking?"

Anonymous said...

" As of now, all that is open is the beer & wine market."

They are currently selling spirits as well.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Brookhaven location was going to close and be rebuilt on the same site. Any news on that?

Anonymous said...

The reason that Savi is great in Inman park is because its a great place to walk and buy Beer, wine, snacks etc. If they put themselves in a non walkable area (all of the other locations so far basically), I am curious why anyone would go there. Again, I love the one in Inman, but only because of the convenience.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: Brookhaven,

I'm told the Savi in Brookhaven will in fact be razed and a new location built as I mention in the post itself. The plans have apparently finally been approved by unknown is when the project will start.

Thanks for the question and for your readership.

Anonymous said...

Went here on Saturday, 03/16/2013, 1400 hrs, parked right in front, made my purchase, went home. No muss, no fuss.

Anonymous said...

Parking is a lot easier when you have a scooter.

No muss, no fuss indeed!