Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Village Tap(ped) Out , Rock n Taco Rollin' In

The group behind the popular 5 Paces bar in Buckhead is getting out of the restaurant business.

The Village Tap, which opened this past January in place of a shuttered Shane's Rib Shack, will close tonight.  The Village Tap offered traditional southern favorites at extremely economical prices in a casual atmosphere. I'm told the restaurant was actually doing well, but that its owners, many of whom are also involved in both 5 Paces Inn and One Pace Over, as well as Go Energy, an Atlanta-based energy drink, simply decided they had too much on their plates.  Literally.

The restaurant already has a new owner  with "many years of Atlanta restaurant experience."  Sources say the new name of the business will be "Rock n Taco" and that it will be a taqueria and bar. 

Rock n Taco joins Buckhead newcomer Red Pepper Taqueria and established favorite Tin Lizzy's in offering similar fare. 

Interestingly, The Taco Stand, another taco joint, was previously located just north of where Rock n Taco will open.  The former Taco Stand is now The Big Ketch

Will you miss the Village Tap?  Are you excited about Rock n Taco?  Where is your favorite taqueria in Buckhead? 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I'm told the restaurant was actually doing well..."

That never looked to be the case every time I went by there. It always looked pretty empty.

Anonymous said...

Terrible menu and the layout was awkward. Hope the new owner didn't pay what the old were asking for it.

North Buckhead said...

The Village Tap menu was a little limited but the cooking was good, the staff was nice and the prices were reasonable. Sad to see 'em go.

Anonymous said...

Trust me this place will be cool! I know the new owners. ALL ROCK music, killer sound and VIDEO SYSTEM, open late night, super cheap, super good food.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure that this new place will be "Rockin" literally!! See yall there.