Monday, January 25, 2010

Taco Stand in Buckhead Closes After Nine Years

Thanks to a ToNeTo Atlanta reader for the following tip...

The Taco Stand in Buckhead closed this past week. A franchise location of the original in Athens, Georgia, the Buckhead location had been open for nine years. Located just north of Peachtree on Roswell Rd, the place seemed to be in a bad location and the fact that Rio Grande was a few doors down can't have helped. Set in the endcap of an old strip center, it may have done better in a more prominent location on Piedmont or Peachtree. For now, all that is left are three locations in Athens and one in Watkinsville. While they did last much longer than the ill-fated Harry Bissett's, its sad to see it close. With Rio Grande still open, Cantina a new addition in Terminus and word that the former Agnes & Muriel's on Piedmont may become a taqueria as well, Buckhead residents need not travel far for a good taco or burrito. ToNeTo Atlanta


RobO said...

One of the things I always looked forward to when visiting Athens was a meal at the Taco Stand.
When I heard that a Taco Stand had opened in Buckhead, I rushed over, expecting the same great food and selections as in Athens.
But I was very disappointed and never went back. My favorite dish was the vegetarian chill which, for some reason, the Buckhead location chose not to offer.
Its loss is a non-event.
As long as the Taco Stand remains open in Athens, I'll remain happy. It's only 70 miles away.

Anonymous said...

Their food was low quality bar food at best. I always concerned I'd get a staff infection if I stayed there too long as well.

Anonymous said...

Their food was low quality bar food at best. The college bar atomosphere made you feel as if you would get a staff infection if you hung out there too long.