Friday, February 7, 2014

Guess Who's Coming to SouthPark?

Bloomingdale's will enter the Carolinas with a store at SouthPark.

New York-based Macy's is reportedly planning to convert the existing 201,000 square foot Macy's department store at SouthPark (Mall) in Charlotte, North Carolina to its more upscale department store, Bloomingdale's.

Bloomingdale's previously had two locations in metro Atlanta, but shuttered their Perimeter Mall location in 2012, while keeping open their store at Lenox Square.  (The Perimeter store has since reopened as Von Maur.)

Bloomingdale's has five locations throughout Florida, but is currently without representation in a number of southern states including the Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

SouthPark is often referred to as baby Lenox, and and the area around it is often referred to as baby Buckhead.  SouthPark opened in 1970 with anchors Belk's, Ivey's, and Sears.  Lenox Square dates from 1959.  Today, both are owned and managed by Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group.

Like Lenox Square, SouthPark has expanded over the years.  Current SouthPark anchors are Macy's, Nordstrom (144,000 sf), Neiman Marcus (80,000 sf), Dillard's (256,984 sf), Dick's Sporting Goods (84,000 sf) and a four-level, flagship Belk store (336,414 sf).

Bloomingdale's currently operates 43 full line stores and 13 outlet stores.  A new 167,000 square foot full line store is expected to open in Hawaii's popular Ala Moana Center in Honolulu in 2015.  The Ala Moana store will be the chain's first in Hawaii and replaces a former Sears.  I have heard rumors of a Bloomingdale's outlet coming to Georgia but nothing has yet come to fruition.


Anonymous said...

And this has what to do about Atlanta?

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Now all they need to do is convert the Dick's to a Saks.

Anonymous said...

I think of bulkhead as baby Nashville and Lenox as baby Birmingham. Really Georgia? Get over yourselves. The only people who you are all that is you, CNN and the Atlanta, Ga weather channel.

Anonymous said...

No one in Charlotte thinks of Atlanta. sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

Wow! People from those other cities must be really sensitive (and bored).

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, all kinds of businesses are opening up all over atlanta and going unreported.