Friday, May 9, 2014

101 Concepts Bringing Meehan's to 322 East Paces Ferry Road

Meehan's is coming to Buckhead.

101 Concepts plans to invade Fado Irish Pub's turf with a Meehan's Public House at 322 East Paces Ferry Road.  The new Meehan's Public House will replace Aspen Grille & Bartini which itself replaced East Paces Tavern.  The space was for many years Abbadabba's before they relocated to Roswell Road in north Buckhead.

Situated next to the recently relocated and enlarged Al's Cafe Agora, Meehan's will be a mere tenth of a mile from Fado Irish Pub on Buckhead Avenue.  

Meehan's has existing locations in Sandy Springs, Downtown, Atlantic Station and Vinings.  101 Concepts also operates Cibo e Beve and Food 101 on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, and late last year opened barbecue joint Smoke Ring on Nelson Street in Castleberry Hill.  

There were plans to open a Meehan's in Decatur, but those plans fell apart for some reason. (Interestingly, the Decatur location is listed on the Meehan's van in the above photo.)  There was also a Meehan's on Peachtree Road in Brookhaven, but it was sold a few years ago and is today operated as Pub 71. (101 Concepts originally operated an Italian eatery called Mangia 101 in the space) 

Sources say 101 Concepts hopes to have its Buckhead Meehan's open in mid to late July.  August 1st


Anonymous said...

That entire block needs to be razed and redone in a more urban fashion. It is dominated by awful surface parking lots.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you do it, anonmymous? With your talent and money I bet it would be a big success

Theron Sapp said...

Excellent news. I wasn't sure we'd ever again see a decent burger and a cold beer in Buckhead. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

Why be snarky? Just because I want less conspicuous parking?

Dan said...

This is great news for Buckhead, I like Fado but its so fricking expensive in there. Even a few happy hour drinks and apps in there after work turns into a $80 night out.

I like the Meehans in Downtown and Atlantic Station and I'm sure I'll like this location too.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old Buckhead. The one that was there before the South Atlantans casued it to be demolished.

Anonymous said...

Any idea of the opening for this? I predicted a month ago that it wouldn't be open come August 1.

David Levins said...

Thanks for all of your comments, we are pushing to be open in a week or so, we will keep you posted,