Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Midtown Thrift Store Expands to Larger Space: Namaste

Top, current location; bottom, new location 

A popular midtown thrift store is on the move.

The Cathedral of St. Philip Thrift House is on the move again, but not too far, less than a half mile away to 1893 Piedmont Road.   Currently, the thrift store is located at 1837 Piedmont Avenue, adjacent to twist 'n' scoot and to the right of Fuqua Development's new Morningside project. (Sources say that the building that houses both the Thrift House and twist 'n' scoot is being torn down for new development, possibly related to the Fuqua project.)

The new 6,630 square foot space is much larger and will allow for the thrift store to accept more furniture than they could previously.  The new space was for many years home to Carithers Flowers Atlanta, and more recently had been the home of Happy Science Center for Spiritual Growth and Meditation. 

The new space also has plenty of parking and access from both Piedmont Road and Rockledge Road.  Interestingly, the parking lot provides both vehicular and pedestrian access to Nakato Japanese Restaurant and appears to have been used for restaurant parking.  

Current plans call for a seamless transition whereby the current store will close in late August and almost immediately will open in the new location.  

It's worth noting that Goodwill of North Georgia is also opening a new store in the area.  Sitting on roughly 2.4 acres, the new 25,000 square foot Goodwill is located at 2133 Piedmont Road and should open in early 2015.  

Junior League of Atlanta's Nearly New Shop celebrates their grand opening this coming Saturday, August 2nd. Nearly New had most recently been located in Howell Mill Square on the Westside but will now be located at Toco Hill, off North Druid Hills Road.  Both Nearly New and the Thrift House were previously located at the earlier incarnation of Lindbergh Plaza:  Broadview Plaza.  


Anonymous said...

Would this and Goodwill be better placed near a Marta station where the people that are most likely to benefit from these services are able to walk to them?

Anonymous said...

I know plenty of well-off people who love a good thrift store. Myself included.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered that ever since they moved Buckhead Thriftique from right across from Lindbergh Center Station to waaaay back into Miami Circle several years ago. You have to be pretty determined to make that walk, especially since the sidewalks come and go back there.

Anonymous said...

The article mentions that the thrift store's new location is connected parking with Nakato Restaurant's (Cheshire Bridge Road) parking lot. Long time Atlanta resident's might recall that the thrift store's new location was in the late 1970's/early 1980's Nakato's home before building their newer, larger Cheshire Bridge facility.

Kay Stephenson said...

For what it is worth, a knowledgeable source says that Twist 'n Scoot isn't going anywhere and is in negotiations for lease renewal. Better double check the report that the building is being torn down.

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular shopper at the Cathedral Thrift shop and am very happy they're moving. Its my absolute favorite thrift shop in Atlanta but parking recently has been atrocious. Its a great shop though.

Cathedral Thrift House said...

Greetings! The Cathedral Thrift House is about to celebrate its 1st anniversary in our new location at 1893 Piedmont. We love our new store and think you will too! We have so much more space for larger items such as furniture and still have our fantastic book selection/prices, a wide range of clothing and household goods and excellent art deals. No more construction noise or parking challenges either as we are happily now nestled next to Gino's Pizza and have our own private parking lot!