Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Twin Peaks to Give Kennesaw Mountain a Run For Its Money With "Scenic Views" AND Cold Beer

Just what Kennesaw needs: another place to find hot girls and cold beer!

Addison, Texas-based Twin Peaks will open its second metro Atlanta location in Kennesaw.  The new Twin Peaks "breastaurant" will open at the corner of  George Busbee & Ernest Barrett Parkways, close to Town Center at Cobb.   

 The space was most recently occupied by local bar & grill, Arena Tavern. Arena Tavern only lasted about 19 months before closing late last year.  Prior to Arena Tavern, the 13,000 square foot restaurant space was home to Smokey Bones, a former Darden owned and now Sun Capital Partners owned barbecue eatery.  

The new Twin Peaks is opening close to one of its closest competitors, Tilted Kilt.  Tilted Kilt started in Las Vegas in 2003, and today operates nearly 100 locations. Tilted Kilt Kennesaw is located near Ernest Barrett Parkway and Cobb Place Boulevard, less than a mile from the upcoming Twin Peaks.  

Tilted Kilt currently operates a total of five locations in metro Atlanta in Buford, Suwanee, Dunwoody, Smyrna and Kennesaw.  Tilted Kilt locations Roswell and Johns Creek have already closed, and there are rumors that the chain is struggling with at least one other metro location.  

Twin Peaks entered the Atlanta market in 2012 with a slightly smaller (12,700 square feet) location at TowerWalk on Piedmont Road in Buckhead. 

Atlanta-based La Cima Restaurants, LLC has development rights for the chain in Georgia and the southeast.  La Cima is helmed by COO Joe Hummel and President & CEO, Coby Brooks, both former executives at Atlanta-based Hooters, a competitor of Twin Peaks.      

Twin Peaks was started in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville, Texas in 2005, and today includes 52 locations with at least five more coming soon.  Hooters began in Clearwater, Florida in 1983, and today includes some 400 locations worldwide.   The closest Hooters to the Kennesaw Twin Peaks is less than 5 miles away on Old 41 Highway.  

Current plans call for the new Twin Peaks in Kennesaw to open in "Mid October."  


Anonymous said...

As I predicted, the Buckhead location absolutely prints money. On big game days they usually have a line out the door.

Anonymous said...

Which proves that convenient, free parking is not an excuse for a business to fail. The parking in that development has been described as confusing and miserable. People will deal with urban parking arrangements if the business is worth it to them. Blaming a business' failure on lack of free surface parking is a cop out.

Anonymous said...

Well, funny you say that because I rarely frequent that Farmburger location anymore because of the parking situation. I also tend to want Farmburger when Twin Peaks is slammed packed so there's that.

I think Twin Peaks is just unique and filled a void in the area but for any other run of the mill business they may not be strong enough to overcome a parking issue.

Anonymous said...

Prior to Smokey Bones, that location was home to Grady's American Grill. Anyone remember that chain??

Anonymous said...

Then you proved my point :)

Don't be run of the mill.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: Grady's,

Yes! There was also a Grady's at Loehmann's Plaza (now known as Brighten Park) A number of years ago the Grady's was demolished and a Starbucks / Panera was built in its place.

Thanks for your comments and readership!

Dan said...

Twin Peaks, Farmburger and the Sushi place upstairs all do great business.

Blaming the tower place parking issue as the poster above says is just an easy way of covering up a restaurants failings (or patrons laziness as there is about 2 thousand parking spaces to choose from...if you are prepared to walk maybe 50 meters).

Anonymous said...

I will be curious to see if Twin Peaks can negotiate a better access point for this new spot. The Arena Tavern spot has terrible access from the main street, and I am convinced that is one of the reasons it closed.
For Twin Peaks to do better, they will have to reconfigure the entrance way which will involve all sorts of special permits and rights of way. We will see...

Anonymous said...

Yes The Arena Tavern location is
at ground zero of Town Center traffic combined with a very difficult in and out. If not already at the mall, why decide to drive towards a line of cars.

Jeff A. Taylor said...

TP could crush TK in that corridor if it were to actually feature ATL craft beer. Craft and cleavage would be an unbeatable combo. Last time I was in that TK it was still primarily distributor driven Enormo Brew load-ins. That and lots sad I-75 road warriors dreading that last 30 min home.

Howard said...

Tilted Kilt stinks. The food is no good and I never thought I would find a place that would make Hooters girls classy and modest.

@Atlantan99 Grady's also was at the old Frkin Pub/ Smokey Bones in Dunwoody where the new Memphis BBQ is coming in.

Steve Barton said...

Howard, Thanks for that memory of mid-90s Dunwoody. I have wondered what I saw/ate there before Smokey Bones but I forgot! Now I know.