Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Without Amtrak, Fuqua's Development Near the Rail Line On Track?

Vacant parcel may soon see development.

Atlanta-based Fuqua Development's website now lists "Northside & 17th" as an upcoming project.  In 2007, the 12.5 acre parcel was linked to The Sembler Company.  Formerly the president of The Sembler CompanyJeff Fuqua split off to form his own company, Fuqua Development, in 2012.  

Sembler had reportedly planned to develop the parcel into what it was calling "Westside Village." The project would have reportedly included Costco Wholesale and Home Depot stores.  

Plans have changed drastically since Sembler's involvement, and today the plan is far less retail driven, and instead will supply the area with additional residences as well as some limited retail and restaurant space.  

The project is currently called simply "Northside & 17th" and is described on the Fuqua Development website as follows:

"The mixed use project will contain high density multifamily units and high density detached single family for sale homes and dynamic retail and restaurants ..."

The site claims the project is due to be completed "Fall 2016."

Over a year ago, property ownership (The State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) and Lionstone Group, LLC), had hoped that a portion of the property could become the new home for Amtrak in Atlanta.  The proposal would have dedicated about half of the parcel to Amtrak for a new state-of-the-art station to replace the more than 100 year old Brookwood (Peachtree) Station at Deering Road and Peachtree Street.  The new station would  have have been built along the southern edge of the parcel, close to IKEA, to take advantage of location along the Norfolk Southern rail line.  

According to a real estate source, the inclusion in the project of Amtrak, (and possibly Greyhound too), was a sticking point for many retailers and restaurants.  Many business owners were reportedly hesitant to commit to a project with the transportation options involved... a curious hesitancy, given the city's lack of transportation oriented developments.  If it were a MARTA station or some sort of light rail, would they still have objected?

Fuqua Development has a number of projects in the works in metro Atlanta including a half dozen that will be grocery-anchored.  Among the more notable projects are Decatur Crossing near Suburban Plaza at the intersection of Scott Boulevard and North Decatur Road, as well as the mixed-use component of the new Braves stadium (known now as SunTrust Park) in Cobb County.  Fuqua Development is also working on Glenwood Place off Glenwood Avenue, and Lindbergh Place off Lindbergh Drive, both of which would be anchored by Kroger grocery stores.  

There is not yet any intel on what retailers or restaurants have expressed interest in and or committment to opening at Northside & 17th.

What would you like to see open at the new project?  To where would you like to see Amtrak relocate in order to better meet current and future demand?  Of all active Fuqua projects, which are you most excited about?

Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

A large, stand-alone Apple store would be a perfect retail anchor for this development. With all of the young renters around Atlantic Station and Westside Provisions and the proximity to Georgia Tech, it could easily become the new Atlanta flagship location.

Anonymous said...

WOW it's been three whole posts since someone suggested an Apple store go into some development project. I almost miss the days of the constant crying in every post's comment section saying "Why don't they put an Apple store on Peachtree St in midtown?!"

Anonymous said...

I don't care what goes in there because after seeing the site plan, I want this to die. It is yet another inward, car-oriented vintage Fucqwad development. Nothing addresses the streets and there is no continuity with the surrounding area. Hate it like I hate all of his developments. Hate that Atlantans are stuck with him buying up the best parcels and ruining them with his suburban garbage.

Anonymous said...

that'd be a good spot for a really huge dialysis clinic, Goodwill store, and H&R Block tax service.

Anonymous said...

Apple is said to be the anchor store of a retail development at the corner of howell and huff (currently where figo is located) unfortunately the job is tied up in litigation.

Anonymous said...

I think the WestSide development that Fuqua and Sembler planned back in 2007 was on 14th St, not 17th st where this parcel is. I've partially defended Fuqua in the past to people who despised him, but I don't think I can continue to do that. The proposed design for the 17th st parcel is particularly atrocious. It has no soul or imagination or creativity whatsoever. In the year 2014, I think any self-respecting developer would be embarrassed to attach their name to that design for this urbanizing location. Does the man have any pride in terms of the legacy he'll leave behind, or is it just about the money to him? Is that the legacy he wants to leave, that he was all about the money? It would appear apparently so. What a disappointment. I really believed Fuqua would start to show some growth and become more visionary in the use of his immense talents, rather than just further seek to line his pockets, the future be damned.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Who gave this guy a license to further mutilate our wounded city? His "design" is better suited to Lawrenceville than central Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

There should be some way for our city government to stop such abuse of city aesthetic and design. Could we bring this up with the mayor?

Anonymous said...

He is the worst developer in town and I am not looking forward to his development coming to my neighborhood

Anonymous said...

If you want to see a great example of the crap Fuqyou builds look at Town Brookhaven. This is a souless complex with no thoughts to pedestrians and even less to drivers. Elaine Boyer paid off her house with the blood money Sembler and Fuqwad paid her to approve this abomination.

Robert Mays said...

I just checked the Fuqua website. The "Northside and 17th project" seems to have been removed from the current projects page. There is a link at the bottom, but it takes you back to the projects page. I have seen a real estate sign up for part of the parcel recently. Thoughts or details. Is an Amtrak/Greyhound station back in play?